This week in Vermillion City Pool League

This week in Vermillion City Pool League By Joe â�?�?MOJOâ�? Reiser Welcome to week number 11 in Vermillion City Pool League. Let's rack em' and crack em' … here are the standings. 1. Whimps 1  127-93 …64% 2. Char 1  134-91…60%  3. Whimps 2  117-83…59%  4. Eagles  128-97…57%  5. Maya Janes 2  127-98…56%  6. Leos 3  124-101…55.1%  7. Leos 4  110-90…55%  8. Char 2  105-95…53%  9. Leos 1 111-114…49%  10. Bunyans 1  100-125…44%  11. Leos 2  97-128…43%  11. Varsity  97-128…43%  11. Maya Janes 3 97-128…43%  14. Press Box  94-131…42%  15. Bunyans 2  93-132…40% And a reminder that this league will be off for the next 2 weeks for the Holidays. Let's get to the action for week 11. The Eagles soared as Clark Lewison popped off 5 wins and the trio of Ron Johnson, Jerry Somervold and Cliff Diverell each won 4 games in route to a 20-5 win over Leos 2 at Leo's Sports Bar and Grill. The other table at Leo's was the scene as Travis Taggart pounded out 5 wins and lead his Leo's 1 teammates over Bunyans 2 in a 17-8 victory. Dave Kezar assisted Leo's 1 with a 4-1 night as did Jamie Erickson for the Bunyans Bombers. I was the sub dejour and watched Leo's 3 trek to the Char Bar for a 9 ball lesson. Bill Willroth and Grant Somervold each posted 4 wins to vault the Char 1 team to a 16-9 spanking of Leo's 3. Whimps 2 was also a 16-9 winner over the Varsity. But I have no score sheet, so I can not give any high lights. The Pressbox nailed down a 15-10 win over Maya Janes 3 as Chad scored 5 wins for the Boxers. Mastero notched 4 wins for Maya Janes 3. In a battle of top flight teams at Maya Janes, Whimps1 came out on top to the tune of 15-10. Rob banged out 5 wins with Buzz adding 4 wins and a couple of tunes on the mouth harp for Whimps 1. On Maya Janes third table the men of Char 2 bested Maya Janes 1 by a 14-11 score. Trevor scored 4 wins for Maya Janes 1 with four members of the Char 2 team winning by the score of 3-2. Leo's 4 was on the road to the west side of town to face Bunyans 1 in the closest match of the night. Leo's 4 came out on top 13-12. Jeff was the lone 4 game winner for Bunyans and Leo's 4 had a trio of 3-2 winners in a very spirited match.  Well, that's all until after the New Year, so I wish all of you a Happy Holiday season and remind you to be very careful on the roads. Bye-bye from the felt surface. Thanks, MOJO

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