Vermillion student lends a helping hand

Vermillion student lends a helping hand Kaiser Permanente and theâ�?¨ Clayton County Public Health department partnered togetherâ�?¨ this fall for a disaster preparedness drill with volunteers fromâ�?¨ Clayton State Universityâ�?�?s School of Nursing.â�?¨â�?¨ â�?�?Our students, about 15 volunteers, played various roles inâ�?¨the drill which covered a mass flu vaccination scenario,â�?�? said Associate Professor of Nursing Dr. Jennell Charles.â�?¨â�?¨ â�?�?Each one of us had a specific role to assist Kaiserâ�?¨ Permanente and Clayton County Public Health with theâ�?¨ disaster drill. The drill was extremely organized and ranâ�?¨ smoothly. This was a great experience because I gained aâ�?¨ better understanding of how and what roles are necessary inâ�?¨ an emergency disaster,â�? said�? senior nursing student, Erikaâ�?¨ Foy of Vermillion.â�?¨â�?¨ Foy, a member of the Student Nurses Association and a peerâ�?¨ mentor, also participated in a hosting a forum to educate â�?¨Clayton State students about their experiences at the drill asâ�?¨ well as disaster preparedness.â�?¨â�?¨ â�?�?Our forum was held on Nov. 12 and it included informationâ�?¨ on how to assess you and your family's needs, how to createâ�?¨ a disaster plan and what to include in a disasterâ�?¨ preparedness kit,â�?�? said Foy.â�?¨â�?¨ â�?�?The follow up teaching project with the students was a goodâ�?¨ experience and we had good questions from the studentsâ�?¨here,â�?�? said Charles.â�?¨â�?¨ Aunit of the University System of Georgia. Clayton Stateâ�?¨ University is an outstanding comprehensive metropolitanâ�?¨ university located 15 miles southeast of downtown Atlanta, GA.

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