Guard unit to return from Afghanistan

Guard unit to return from Afghanistan Ten soldiers from the South Dakota Army National Guards Embedded Training Team 'Coyote One' arrived safely on Tuesday, Dec. 30, at Fort Riley, KS, after spending a year-long deployment in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. The team is expected to arrive in South Dakota after? completing the demobilization process at Fort Riley. A welcome home ceremony ?is tentatively scheduled for Friday, Feb. 20, at the Duke Corning Armory located on Camp Rapid. Three additional soldiers from the team are scheduled to arrive home in early to mid-January. One additional team member has volunteered to extend his tour for an additional three months and is expected to return in early spring 2009. The team deployed in January 2008 with the assigned mission to provide training and mentorship to the Afghanistan National Army and Police and was stationed at various locations throughout the country. South Dakota Embedded Training Team 'Coyote One' Deployment Statistics: • Conducted more than 500 combat patrols, traveling more than 50,000 miles throughout Afghanistan. • Provided artillery fire-direction control support for the first indirect fire mission conducted by the 4th Kandak, Afghan National Army. • Mentored the 1st and 4th Kandak, Afghan National Army, through a professional validation program. • Trained a commando unit of the Afghan National Army's 209th Corps, and conducted the first three air-assault missions in the history of the Afghan National Army. • Designed and managed the construction of one Afghan National Army and three Afghan National Police forward operating bases. • Managed logistics for the Afghan National Police School, successfully graduating more than 400 Afghan National Police patrolmen.  • Mentored two Afghan National Police districts through a professional validation program.

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