International forum<br />scheduled for Jan. 28

International forum
scheduled for Jan. 28 "Israel, Hamas & Iran: Who will win?" will be the topic of the Jan. 28 International Forum sponsored by the Beacom School of Business at Farber Hall.  The forum begins at noon. Panelists include Dr. Tim Schorn, political science and Dr. Benno Wymar, economics.  Moderator will be Dr. Kumoli Ramakrishnan, finance. There have been demonstrations against the current Middle Eastern conflict throughout the world, including Sioux Falls.  Is it related in any way to the change in the U.S. Administration?  Would  President Obama  have objected to this war?  Does the conflict increase or decrease the chances for a lasting peace? Is it an extension of a wider dispute between most of the Arab states and Iran? These and other issues will be taken up by the panelists, who both have extensive Middle Eastern experience.  As always, the event is open to the public & at no charge.

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