SDPB conducts DTV test

SDPB conducts DTV test South Dakota Public Broadcasting Television will join a nationwide test of digital television on Monday, Jan. 12. The network will run a message just before 8 p.m. If you see the test, it may be an indication you're not prepared for digital television. Television stations across the nation, including SDPB, will turn off the analog signal on Feb. 17. If you have a pay service like cable or satellite television that offers local channels, ignore the message. It's just an indication that your pay service hasn't completed the transition. Otherwise, it's time to take action. You will need a converter box if you get your TV via a rooftop or set-top antenna, and you have an older analog television. The boxes, which start at about $50, are available at major retailers and electronics specialty stores and online. You can still request $40 goverment coupons to help cut the cost (up to two per household). • Call SDPB at 800-456-0766 and we'll help you order your coupons, or • Call 888-DTV-2009 (888-388-2009). • Online at In addition, on Jan. 5, SDPB began offering three separate channels. Viewers should rescan through the converter box or digital TV in order to receive all three channels. If a pay service does not carry the three SDPB channels, call to request them. SDPB1 will be the regular channel with children's programming and local, national and international programs. SDPB2 will feature PBS World with documentary shows from the U.S. and around the world, plus news programming. SDPB3 is the Create channel with a variety of how-to, travel and lifestyle programming. Another scan likely will be necessary on Feb. 18.

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