Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts From the Plain Talk 1914 Doc 81 Mrs. R. C. Davis was a Sioux City visitor last week, going down to spend a day with her old-time friend, Mrs. Carrie Skerry-Berry, who came from Idaho to visit relatives and friends. J. A. Gunderson of this city and Elling Myron of Norway Township went to Texas last week to look over the land in the Rio Grande valley. They are expected home today. The ice cutting season has made it possible for several of our citizens to enjoy fresh fish. Spears have been brought into us, and some good hauls are reported. The first of the week Lee Chaney bumped into a spoon bill catfish weighing about 23 pounds. Carp and Buffalo have also been landed in large quantities. The Vermillion Creamery Company announces they will be ready for business on Tuesday. If you have cream to sell remember you can get Sioux City prices from now on right at home. M. J. Chaney and Dr. G. W. Collins returned home last Friday evening from Chicago, where they went to attend the big auto show. Although the time limit has expired for paying that $6.00 tax on autos, there are at least 160 owners of cars in the county who have not complied with the law. Better pay up as the state department is insisting that the authorities proceed to collect the money. The fire boys wish to publicly thank M. D. Thompson for his generous donation of $25.00 as a slight appreciation of their good work in checking the flames that gutted the Shogren barber shop a week ago Saturday. Some of the firemen are in favor of using the money towards the purchase of a new fire whistle and the matter will come up for discussion at the regular monthly meeting. W. L. Ballard will manage the poor farm this coming year taking the place of Hiram South, who resigned in order to manage the S. G. Ketchum farm. Mr. Ballard offered to manage the farm for $550.00 and furnish his own horses, machinery, etc. License to wed was issued the first of the week to Richard Christopherson and Miss Clara Severson, both of this city. Mumps are a problem in the schools at this time. Another month of school work in District 21 was completed on Friday. Certificates were awarded for perfect attendance to Andrea Hanson, Daisy Gray, Alice Mount, Dave Wherry, Odell Bottolfson, Clarence Mount, George Iverson, Elmer Bottolfson, and Alice Wherry. Nels Brunick, George Brunick, and Loyal Brown received certificates for attending 20 consecutive days. LEE & PRENTIS COMPANY: Heinz pork and beans, No 2 can 2 cans 25cents Heinz catsup bottle 25 cents Manzanilla olives full quart 25 cents Soda Crackers, 10 lb box plain or salted 69 cents Pearl white laundry soap, 7 bars 25 cents Narrow strip bacon, per pound 20 cents Picnic Hams, per pound 14 cents R. A. Brown has sold his farm over on the island to Payne & Olson. Mr. Brown retains possession during the coming year. Vermillion now has two Yoemen Lodges. Owing to a disagreement among members a second charter was asked and granted, and officers have already been installed. One will be known as Dakota Homestead, while the withdrawal members will be known as the Clay Homestead. We often wonder why someone doesnâ�?�?t run the chicken thieves that operate in Clay County to earth and stop that way of pestiferous pilfering. We suggest that the county commissioners employ a detective. It has been reported for several weeks that Attorney Tilton is sure after the peddlers. Let the work go on. E. E. Collins is suffering with a severe attack of lumbago. We advise Watkinsâ�?�? Liniment. The increase in taxes on farm lands in Clay County for 1913 is $29,409.49 more than taxes for 1912. Vote for R. O Richards for governor, so as to clean up the spoils system and hold down the taxes.â�?�?Adv. MECKLING NEWS: Quite a stunt was pulled off by the swells of Meckling. They were to have a party in Thorsonâ�?�?s hall, on Tuesday evening, but the man with the high collar and the cigar was unable to raise sufficient funds; and so the scrubs of Meckling went on with the party. They report a fine time. Fifty Three students were absent for several days this past week because â�?�?old man mumpsâ�? invaded the school. At this writing the city hospital is closed, owing to the fact that Miss Robins has concluded to discontinue hospital work and the home will not be available for hospital purposes in the future. 300 patients have been cared for at the hospital and this is the best evidence that Vermillion needs a permanent institution of this kind. There has been some talk that the Whittemore residence, at present occupied by the S. A. E boys can be secured for a hospital. However many civic bodies, lodges and local citizens need to take hold of the matter. Someone needs to look into the matter soon to re-establish a hospital for our town.

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