This Week in Vermillion Pool League

This Week in Vermillion Pool League By Joe "MOJO" Reiser Hey folks, it's been quite awhile since we talked "Pool League" so let's rack 'em and crack 'em. Here are the current standings â�?¦ some of the teams have not gotten in their league sheets from week 10, so this is as good as we can do with the limited information available. 1) Whimp's 1 168-82 â�?¦ 67.2 percent; 2)Char 1 169-106 â�?¦ 61.45 percent; 3)Maya Janes 2 162-113 â�?¦ 58.91 percent; 4)Whimp's 2 158-117 â�?¦ 57.45 percent; 5)Eagles 149-126 â�?¦ 54.18 percent; 6)Char 2 148-127 â�?¦ 53.82 percent; 7)Leo's 4 121-104 â�?¦ 53.78 percent; 8)Leo's 3 149-151 â�?¦ 49.6 percent; 9)Leo's 1 136-139 â�?¦ 49.45 percent; 10)Bunyans 1 128-147…46.55% 11)Bunyans 2 107-143…42.8 12) Leo's 2, Pressbox, and Varsity 116-159 â�?¦ 42.18 percent; 15)Maya Janes 1 100-150 â�?¦ 40 percent; 16)Maya Janes 2 107-168 â�?¦ 38.91 percent. Week 10 Results Whimp's 1 crushed the Eagles at the Eagles Club to the tune of 20-5. Glenny Mac and Rob each garnered five wins with Cory nabbing four victories. Johnny and Rat lead their Whimps 2 team into the Varsity, collecting four wins each on their way to a 16-9 win. Char 1 defended home slate with a 15-10 win over Leo's 1. Bill Willroth paced the Char with a five win night followed by four wins from "Blue Berry" Brown. The Pressbox 5 rolled into Leo's and notched a 14-11 win over Leo's 4. Curt Kuiper banged out four wins for the home team. Mike Hekrdle was a five game winner as Leo's 2 out shined Leo's 3 in a 14-11 battle. Ryan Bak was 4-1 for Leo's 3. Bunyans 1 was on the road at the Char 2 for a 13-12 win. Tom Taggart hammered out five big wins as the visitors won 4 of the last 5 games to narrowly escape the Char 2 clutches. Hot Rod Jensen was a four game winner for the home team. Week 11 results go like this: There was trouble for the home teams at Leo's Sports Bar and Grill as Whimps 1 and Char 1 swaggared into the pool rooms. For the Whimps "White Gloves" Glenny Mac and Rob were five game winners and received help from Corey and Buzz, who each pitched in with four wins. For the boys from Char 1, Husker won five games and the trio of "Blue Berry" Brown, Bill Willroth and Grant Sommervold each collected four wins. When the dust had settled the Leo's teams wound up on the short end of the stick. Final score Whimps 1 21-4 over Leo's 3 and Char 1 20-5 over Leo's 2. The Leo's teams could not be reached for comment.. At the Char Bar, Hot Rod Jensen, Josh Kimlicka and Ryan "Dino" Denien each pounded out four wins to light up the Pressbox in a 17-8 match. The Eagles soared as they feasted on Maya Janeâ�?�?s three shooters in a 16-9 confrontation at the Eagles Club. Clark Lewison racked up five wins and was assisted by Cliff Deverell with four victories for the Eagles. Leo's 1 star of the night was Stevie Thiesen, a five-game winner as Leo's roped and wrangled the Varsity Lettermen in a 15-10 road victory. Maya Jane's 2 guarded home turf 15-10 in battle with Leo's 4. Brian Lambertz was a four game winner for Maya Janes 2, as was Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye for Leo's 4. "Big Dick" was the top dog with four wins as Whimps 2 bested the Bunyan 1 team in a 14-11 battle royal at Whimps in beautiful downtown Burbank. Mark Bottolfson plucked four wins for the westsiders. Bunyans 2 bombed Maya Janes 1 at Bunyans in a 14-11 bash. For Bunyans 2, Brent Whatyamacallem was a four game winner. Well folks, I hope that catches you up to date with the happenings of our local pool league. Until next week â�?¦ We will catch you on that smooth felt surface. Thanks, MOJO

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