Vermillion senior to present poster in Pierre��

Vermillion senior to present poster in Pierreâ�?¨â�?¨ Vermillion senior to present poster in Pierreâ�?¨â�?¨ Dan Day, a senior from Vermillion majoring inâ�?¨ computer science and biology, has been selected to represent all theâ�?¨ Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN) undergraduate fellowsâ�?¨ at the Poster Day in Pierre on Feb. 17.â�?¨â�?¨ Day, a deanâ�?�?s list student at Augustana, was selected as a BRINâ�?¨ fellow to work in bioinformatics after his freshman year at Augustana.â�?¨ He spent the summer following his sophomore year at the University ofâ�?¨ Minnesota, and the next summer at a joint Harvard/MIT program in â�?¨computational biology and molecular biology.â�?¨ He has been accepted at Yale for his PhD, and will be interviewing atâ�?¨ Harvard and Chicago.â�?¨â�?¨ Last spring Day was named recipient of the Augustana Covenant Award forâ�?¨ Community. He is the son of Lynne and David Day of Vermillion.

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