Will celebrate

Will celebrate Finley Marshall and Jean (Kido) Marshall will be celebrating their 50thâ�?¨wedding anniversary Jan. 31, 2009. They were married in Kansas City, MO.â�?¨ Theâ�?¨ couple met while attending graduate school at the University ofâ�?¨ Missouri,â�?¨ Colombia; where Finley received his PhD in biochemistry and Jean herâ�?¨ masters in biology. For 42 years, they resided in Vermillion, whereâ�?¨ Finley was professor of medicine and Jean a medical technician at theâ�?¨ University of South Dakota. They have three children, Kenna Marshall, Kimâ�?¨ Elsbach and Jeffrey Marshall. They have one son-in-law, Jan Elsbach; andâ�?¨ one daughter-in-law, Lisa Marshall. There have three grandsons, Rachaâ�?¨ Elsbach,â�?¨ Alexander and Andrew Marshall. They have resided in Omaha, NE for the lastâ�?¨ two â�?¨years. Congratulations, Jean and Finley!

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