Answering the call to duty

Answering the call to duty On Jan. 24, Carl Carlson proudly presented Vermillion Police Department Life Saving Award plaques to Sergeant Robin Hower and Officer Bryan Beringer. Sergeant Hower and Officer Beringer responded to a 911 emergency medical call to Carl's home on Jan. 5. They started CPR, connected the automatic external defibrillator (AED) that advised that a shock was needed, and after the shock, continued CPR until the EMS arrived and a pulse returned. The quick and professional actions of Sergeant Hower and Officer Beringer were instrumental in saving Carl��?s life. Carl and his family express their heartfelt and sincere appreciation to the Police Officers, Vermillion EMS Department, and Sanford Medical Center professionals. Within a week of the emergency call, Carl returned to his home where he continues his recovery, which has already included a few trips to have coffee with his friends

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