Monk receives certificate of appreciation

Monk receives certificate of appreciation A certificate of appreciation for outstanding contributions to the United States Army has been presented to Vermillion��?s Alpha Lambda #618 member, Crystal Monk, for her outstanding contributions to the United States Army. The award acknowledges that the army greatly appreciates her outstanding support of soldiers fighting the Global War on Terrorism and has presented this award in recognition of her personal sacrifice in preserving the freedom and security of our nation. It was signed by George W. Casey, Jr. General US Army, Chief of Staff and Pete Green, Secretary of the Army. Crystal��?s name has also been submitted for a US Army Freedom Team Salute for her contribution to the US Army community. Crystal has spearheaded the Hope for Heroes project sponsored by Alpha Lambda ESA in Vermillion. This is the third year of the project. Crystal has collected donations and prepared Christmas stockings filled with necessary items and some special treats for soldiers in the tri-state area who are serving overseas. This year she collected $895 in monetary donations, plus the additional value of the items collected to let the troops know that they are appreciated. She spent many hours working on this project. She also painted the ceramic items she raffled to help finance this project and painted the Christmas ornaments that she included in the stockings. She is currently preparing valentines and candy to send for Valentine��?s Day. Crystal emails the soldiers weekly, corresponds with soldiers and has adopted a soldier. Crystal is truly a very special woman.

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