Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts From the Plain Talk 1914 GET YOUR HAIR CUT: Barbers Decide That It Is Up To Them To Keep Down Cost of Living During War Times No, dear friend, the price of haircuts has not gone below the .25c mark; neither will it be raised to .35c.  Proprietors of local barber shops have shown their magnanimity by rendering a decision to the effect that the old prices shall remain in force.  At one time last week it looked as though prices on hair cuts were to prevail in the city.  The barbers held a night session behind closed doors and at the conclusion of the consultation they decided to boost prices, not because they needed the money, but because they felt that in order to be in line with the city shops they must charge 35c. The next day the rumor became general of the action of the tonsorial artists and a storm of protests kept coming in.  Some of the patrons declared that before they would pay 35c for a hair cut in Vermillion they would go to Elk Point, where they could secure a cool, refreshing drink on the side while waiting for the "next" signal.  Others vowed that they would boycott the shops by letting the hair grow for an indefinite period.  And still others were so peeved that they had about made up their minds to even let their whiskers grow until Christmas. The raise of price was to have gone into effect September 1, but in the meantime someone had a change of heart, and on Monday morning notices were withdrawn and announcement was made that the same old schedule of prices would prevail.  The proposed change of rates had one good effect, however.  Fellows who had not enjoyed a hair cut for many months hurried into the shops on Friday and Saturday to take advantage of the old price.  The inspiration was such that some of them that had not been in the habit of attending church on Sunday decided to attend divine worship; and they even went so far as to drop a dime in the contribution box.  And so, you see, much good was accomplished through the secret conclave of barbers, even though they changed their minds. The theft of an auto was reported to the police last Saturday night.  It was taken from near the Waldorf Hotel.  A short time later the car was located out near the B. W. Collar farm, but the "burglars" were not to be found anywhere. The U. S. Treasury Dept., in Washington has agreed to allow the city patrons to express their choice of the location of the new Federal Building in Vermillion. You will soon need heavier underwear and it will pay you to bear in mind that there is none so satisfactory or none that gives the service you get from the Munsingwear, for men, ladies, misses and children.  We carry a complete line.  They cost no more than underwear that will not give you half the service.  Stop at Lee & Prentis Store. Fire and water damaged the Lotze Building on Thursday, indications point to a defective electric light wire.  Mr. Lotz has had his full share of experience with fires and floods.  He said "Since coming to Vermillion, I have been in two fires' and two floods.  Once in 1881 and now when a flood of water came from the second story and poured over the stock.  One fire came in 1890 when located on Market Street and the other when the big conflagration swept both sides of Main Street."  Mr. Lotze will get busy with repairs as soon as the losses are adjusted in order to resume business.  Mr. Lotze is not a man to be doting over his troubles. The big silo on the Lee Ranch collapsed. Loss totals $10,000.00.  The Ex-Governor will re-build immediately. Football on Saturday, Oct the 3rd at 3:30 at the University Athletic Park.  University of South Dakota versus South Dakota State College.  The "aggies" have a strong aggregation this year and will put up a good exhibition of football.  The "U" team promises to be the best for past years.  Admission, only 50 cents. The new switchboard for the telephone company arrived the first of the week and will be installed in the rooms over the Citizens Bank and Trust Co. at once. Harlan Pierce departed for Pukwana, SD via the motorcycle route to assist his father husking corn on their farm out there. There are 400 dry towns and 127 wet ones in South Dakota.  The net gains for the dries in the last spring election being thirty-two.  Once the women secure the ballot just make up your mind that in a short time there will be few wet towns and cities in the state. A large belt at the electric light plan broke on Tuesday evening plunging the city into darkness for two hours.  Prompt work on the part of the management made it possible to turn the lights on at 9:00 o'clock.  Hereafter, the breaking of one belt will not handicap the service as another one will be in readiness at all times. Ed Chamberlain has secured the contract for tearing down the old power plant at the waterworks station. This is the time of month and year when patrons should be paying up their meat bills.  An early settlement will be appreciated.  Kemper's Market. Mr. Olier Delaurier passed away in Sioux City on Sunday morning.  His wife passed away about four years ago.  They were parents to twelve sons and one daughter. The Lotze store is again open for business.  The insurance was adjusted without any argument. The ferry boat is in active operation on the Missouri River southwest of Vermillion and will be kept in the river until ice forms.  Landing on the Nebraska side is Lime Creek. Girl wanted at the Waldorf hotel to operate dish washing machine.  Experience not necessary.  Good wages.  Rex. Stevens, Prop. Seats for the big football game between the Coyotes and Notre Dame at Sioux Falls on Saturday of next week are now on sale.  A special train carrying the football players and hundreds of supporters will leave Vermillion at an early hour on October 24. Frank Hult who lives in the north part of the county, unearthed what appears to be a fine specimen of the skeleton of a diplodocus.  He found the bones while digging a well, and believes the entire skeleton could be found.  The bones are in a fine state of preservation.  Prof. W. H Over who has charge of the museum at the U; was informed and says that it is his intention to pay Mr. Hult a visit as soon as possible and see the skeleton of the giant pre-historic animal.  It is said by some to be the first specimen found in SD. The populists of Clay County have made a gain of 250 votes in the last 2 years.  Who says the populists are dead? It has been some years since Clay County elected a straight ticket clear through. Our Republican friends should put on a stiff upper lip.  It never pays to squeal when you get whipped. We refused on Election Day to even become excited.  Things passed off quietly and there was no disturbance of any sort. The Clay County Democrats elected a Senator, Sheriff, Surveyor, Treasurer, and Supt. of Schools, State's Attorney and both Commissioners. The next man that suggests politics to us for at least a year is apt to be thrown downstairs if he is not too big. Equal suffrage was defeated in Clay County by a small majority, and it was likewise defeated in the state. Col. Thatcher will be in Vermillion to address citizens in the city and vicinity on the proposition of good roads.  This is a movement in which all of us are interested and it is high time that Vermillion and Clay County get busy in building good roads. Vote at the City Hall on Friday, Nov. 20, 1914 for the purpose of determining which of the three sites the Government will erect the new post office. 1. Old Court House site. 2. Fullerton Lumber Yard site. 3. Brosius site. The Nov. 19, 1914 Plain Talk reports the People's choice for the post office was the Fullerton Lumber. Yard.  It received 285 votes, the old courthouse site 95 and the Brosius site 137. Sewer mains have been laid from the West Side School building to the main sewer street west of the court house, and it is expected that the pupils of that school will soon be enjoying modern conveniences in the way of toilets, etc. Get new rocking chairs at Elmore's Furniture Store for $4.48 to $4.98.  Store open evenings until Christmas. End 1914

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