Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts From the Plain Talk 1914 The stop watch which Chief Brown carries around in his pocket has no terrors for the editor of the Plain Talk. We donâ�?�?t own an auto; hence there is no danger of exceeding the speed limit. The treasury of the Vermillion Fire Department will get $214.74 as a result of the division of moneys that go to various volunteer and paid departments of the state from the insurance fund. Forty or fifty boys, twelve years old or over, are wanted to march with the old soldiers on Decoration Day. The boys are requested to assemble at the Odd Fellows Hall at 1:00 oâ�?�?clock next Saturday afternoon. The Bluff Center Sluggers and Spirit Mound Tossers clashed last Sunday. When the smoke of battle cleared away the Tossers were declared winners by a score of 13-10. The Vermillion Creamery Company is now manufacturing ice cream, and retailers in the city will not be obliged to ship any more from Sioux City. It cost the Creamery $1,000.00 to set up the new machinery. An expense account of 90 cents as primary campaign cost has been filed by Theodore Bailey, of Sioux Falls Democratic candidate for congress in the First District. Eighty cents of this was used to pay for a collect telegram announcing the fact that he had been nominated and the balance of the amount for postage Work on the excavation of the basement for the new Chemistry building on the USD Campus has been started. If there are men in the city looking for work they may apply to The Wold Company. The city dads of Vermillion have purchased a new stop watch and presented it to the Chief of Police with instructions to use the watch on speeding autoists. They need to do the same thing in Tyndall to slow down the speedsters. Some of the seats gave way at the carnival at Yankton and Mrs. K. D. Neher received a badly crushed foot. Unless settlement is made the carnival company will be made the defendant in a damage suit. Wrigleyâ�?�?s Spearmint Gum: the ideal offering to guests or family, especially after dinner. Itâ�?�?s the hospitality gum â�?�? so perfectly packed that it stays perfectly fresh and clean. It relieves all â�?�?over eatenâ�? feelings â�?�? refreshes the mouth â�?�? cleanses the teeth beautifully. Chew it after every meal. Be sure its Wrigleyâ�?�?s. Look for the spear. The Standard Oil Company is installing a large new oil tank on the lots east of the depot. It holds 18,000 gallons and will be used for kerosene storage, the two smaller ones being converted into gasoline storage. Arden Clark, owner of the Red Cross Pharmacy turned the business over to B.H. Neumeyer, a traveling salesman who for many years has been working this territory. Three and one quarter inches of rain was one of the heaviest downpours ever reported in many years in Vermillion. It takes a mighty smart man to know enough to conceal what he doesnâ�?�?t know. Active work on the remodeling of the new bank building was begun the latter part of last week. A large vault is being constructed and it is expected that the fixtures will be installed in a few days. During the storm yesterday, two large silos on the T. R. Walker farm just east of the city were blown down. It was a straight wind accompanied by hail the size of eggs. Many streets in the city were flooded as the sewer system being unable to handle the volume of water. On Monday last the Ketchum Auto Company delivered a Buick auto to Mrs. Bert Bottolfson, Meckling Township. Clean-up inside, purify your blood, clear the complexion, redden the lips, brighten the eyes, and take Hollisterâ�?�?s Rocky Mountain Tea. You need it now to drive winters impurities and germs from your system, a purifier and spring tonic. 35 cents, Tea or Tablets. J. D. Hofer Friday and Saturday Specials at Lee & Prentis: Salt Pork 18 cents per lb. Bacon 20 cents per lb. Brick Cheese 20 cents per lb… Summer Sausage 22 cents per lb. Calif. Sunkist Lemons 35 cents per dozen… Cabbage, fine quality, 5 cents per lb. Bermuda Onions 6 center per lb. Why swat flies all summer when Fullerton Lumber Company can equip your home with screen doors and window screens. Donâ�?�?t let the flies jeopardize the health of your family. NEW BANK OPENS: Citizens Bank and Trust Company is now ready to serve the public. The capital is $50,000.00. Stockholders are: M. J. Chaney, President, C. E. Prentis, Vice President, Carl Gunderson, Vice President, T. O. Ellison, J. E. Payne, S. A. Omdahl, W. R. Cleland, W. F. Price, H. G. Taylor, Peter Olson, C. H. Forehand, Cashier. All these gentlemen are prominent in the community and there is every reason to believe that the new bank will prosper. All the equipment is strictly modern and handsome. For the convenience of bank employees an electric adding and subtracting machine has been provided. Petitioners are asking the county commissioners and superintendent to take about 720 acres from District # 1 and transfer it to District # 9. This land, or the greater part of it, is from Lee & Prentis farms on the bottom. Those military suits which recently arrived for the band boys are certainly knobby, and hereafter that organization will present an attractive appearance when the musicians assemble for their concerts.

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