Beach is Sanford Vermillion<br />PRIDE employee of the month

Beach is Sanford Vermillion
PRIDE employee of the month Gerald "Butch" Beach, Materials Management Clerk, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC) March 2009 PRIDE Employee of the Month.  Beach has been employed at Sanford Vermillion since September 2006.  "Gerald (aka "Butch") Beach; purchasing patrol, manager of Butch's Boutique, at your service!  Butch is always delivering purchases with a smile and a cheerful personality.  He is willing to get you what you  need in the drop of a hat – 'at your service' is a common response from him. Not only is he a jolly rancher/employee himself, he always has an endless supply of Jolly Ranchers on hand adding to his customer service oriented personality! Butch is always in the holiday spirit. You can often find his delivery cart decorated with lights, bows, ornaments. Co-workers enjoy Butch's upbeat and fun personality. He is an absolute hoot to work with. Butch is an asset to Sanford Vermillion. He knows his job well, keeps his "Boutique" tidy and stocked up. Which is a good thing being in the purchasing department! I don't know how many different deliveries he makes from his department to the other end of the building – but, he doesn't miss a beat!" These are some of the comments shared in nominations for Beach. "Butch has been a great addition to the purchasing department," comments Donna Welch, materials management manager, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center. Butch is a native of Burbank.  Butch and his wife Joan have three sons. They reside in Vermillion.

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