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Clubs and Organizations Jolly JJs will sell fruit The Jolly J.J.'s 4-H club met on Monday, Feb. 9 at the Town Square Apartments socializing area for their monthly club meeting. Brittany Hanson, club president, called the meeting to order. Ellen Hanson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Ashley Sorensen led the 4-H Pledge. Ashley Sorensen read the secretary report. Pam Hanson gave an updated treasurer report. Old business: There were numerous thank yous verbally given for the community service projects the club participated in during January and February. New business: Fruit sales information was given. Everyone was encouraged to sell. Discussion took place about making a donation to the Saint Agnes School Classic. The date was given about the upcoming club sewing/ crafting day, Saturday, April 4. Everyone with a sewing machine was encouraged to bring their own. Ellen Hanson gave a demonstration on "How to Lay Out a Sewing Pattern." Club members as well as Town Square residents crafted Valentines that were later on given out to those who live at the Town Square Apartments. Brittany Hanson, Marley Hanson and Abby Weiss entertained residents by playing musical selections on their flutes. Megan Vlasman entertained residents by playing the trumpet. Ellen and Marley Hanson played musical selections on the piano. Refreshments and snacks were provided by Ellen Hanson. A good time was had by all. The next club meeting will be on Monday, March 23 starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Extension building. Brittany Hanson and anyone ready to do their second demonstration will present a demonstration that evening. Jackie Hulse will present a judging school. Anyone interested in joining a 4-H club can contact the Extension office at 677-7111 to get more information. Reporters: Jolly J.J. club members

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