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Clubs and Organizations Candlelight ceremony held by Juno chapter Associate Grand Matron Patricia Sweaney, Spearfish, conducted a school of instruction Feb. 24 in Juno Chapter. In the evening, the "Degrees" were exemplified by the officers. A candlelight ceremony preceded the "Degree" work. Introduction as follows: SD Worthy Grand Matron, Janet Gruening, Presho; P.G. Matron, Bonnie Marten, Silver-Azure Chapter of Sioux City, IA; and P.G.P. Calvin Rosenbaum, Juno, were accorded grand honors. Jan Grage, Centerville, Grand Martha and Juno's Vera Emerson, General Grand appointee as a "Feather of a Friend" were welcomed. A monetary gift was given to Juno's inspector, via an addendum by the officers. The coin march will go the SD ACTS organization (children's teeth care). Juno Past Matrons served the noon luncheon in the Temple. Evening refreshments were served by Vera Emerson, Beverly Orr, Betty McCambridge and Jean Ann Prosser. Guest officers were welcomed from Silver-Azure Chapter in Sioux City, IA, Centerville and Platte.

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