Grain marketing workshop set for April 7 in Vermillion

Grain marketing workshop set for April 7 in Vermillion The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service will host a grain marketing strategy workshop on April 7 in Vermillion. The workshop will be held from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Clay County Extension office, 515 High St., Vermillion. There is a $5 fee to cover cost of meals. To register, call the Clay County Extension office at (605) 677-7111. Registration is encouraged to ensure an accurate count for lunch. Heather Gessner, an Extension Marketing/farm business management educator from McCook County, said the workshop's timing is important. "Grain marketing is vital to producers when prices are low and break-even prices are high," she said. "This program will be a tune-up for producers who have not looked at market strategies other than cash contracts to the elevator in the last few years." The workshop includes evaluation of market strategies, including put and call options, futures contracts, and window strategies. It will also address crop budgets and address expenses in a time when input costs continue to increase. South Dakota State University Extension Grain Marketing Specialist Alan May said producers' questions on insurance will be answered during the workshop. "Crop insurance plays an important role in marketing decisions," he said. "We will consider product types and coverage levels purchased during our discussions." The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service is sponsoring the workshop.

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