Military strategist will <br />speak at USD April 7

Military strategist will
speak at USD April 7 Robert Chandler, Ph.D., a strategist with extensive analytical, planning and operations experience in the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, Department of State, the Central Intelligence Agency and the White House, will present the program, "SHADOW WORLD: Resurgent Russia and Radical Islam," at The University of South Dakota, Tuesday, April 7 at 4 p.m. in Farber Hall, Old Main. As part of the "Edmund Burke Distinguished Speaker Series," Chandler will discuss topics from his book, "Shadow World" as well as provide insight on international affairs, including the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Chandler will also be available to sign copies of his book in Farber Hall following the presentation. Chandler received his Ph.D. in political science from George Washington University and is a graduate of the State Department's 10-month Executive Seminar in National and International Affairs. An author of several articles and five books, including The New Face of War, Counterforce, Tomorrow's War, Today's Decisions, and The U.S. Propaganda Campaign in Vietnam, Chandler conducted research in support of his latest book, Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, the Global New Left, and Radical Islam, by tracking the creation and evolution of the Communist organized Anti-Globalization and Anti-War movements between 2000 and 2008. In addition to attending numerous Marxist conferences and teach-ins, Chandler also attended Communist planning sessions, meetings and more than 100 street protests as part of his research for Shadow World.

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