This Week in Vermillion <br />City Pool League

This Week in Vermillion
City Pool League By Joe â�?�?MOJOâ�? Reiser Hello again folks, we have some playoffs to talk about. Wednesday, March 4 was the night where the elite eight teams had a throw down and trimmed the field to four. The top rated teams fared very well. Here are the results. Maya Jane's was the scene as Maya Jane's 2 crushed Whimp's 2 by a 21-4 score. Todd Radigan and "Big Dick" each won two games for Whimp's 2 and that was all the "Large Boned Lady" needed as she sang her song. Troy Nix and Brian Lambert each won five games while Ian May and Nate Whathislastname each picked up four wins. This capped off a good season for the Whimp's 2 team, who lost their mentor and team captain, Jeff Radigan, early in the season. Jeff was such a great guy and he will be missed. The Varsity Lettermen rolled into the Eagles Club with designs on upsetting another higher ranked team. But sharp shooting and the Eagle Eyes of Jerry Sommervold, Dick Brown and Clark Lewison, each four game winners, would not allow the underdogs a chance to advance. The final score was 17 for the soaring Eagles and eight for the Varsity.  Matt "Doc" Taggart was a four game winner for the Lettermen. "Last week things were going our way and that didn't happen this week," commented Varsity owner, Greg "Buckwheat" Sammelson. Perennial juggernaut, Whimp's 1 "White Gloves" once again flexed their collective muscles  in a 16-9 victory and eliminated Leo's 1 from the playoff mix. Glenny Mac was the lone five game winner for the Burbank bangers. Skinny pitched in with four wins for Whimp's 1. Aaron Baedke was a three time winner for Leo's 1. And in a side note, Travis "Too Tough" Taggart suffered his first wrestling defeat in many years, on the road home. The men of Char1 raced past the Bunyan's 1 Bombers in a 15-10 match at the Char Bar. "Blue Barry" Brown rolled in four nine balls and was helped by the trio of Husker, Kase Allison and Grant "Big Dog" Sommervold, who each had three wins for the night. The duo of Quinny and Jeff were three game winners for the "Bombers." The full moon of March 11 was the back drop as the final four teams set out to howl. The Eagles soared into Burbank to take on the "Whimp's 1 White Gloves" and were grounded by the home shooters, 18-7. Glenny Mac was the top shooter with five wins and was assisted by Skinny, Rob and Buzz "Blues harp" Johnson, who had four wins each. Clark Lewison rolled in three nine balls for the senior team of the league. "They (Whimp's 1) shot pretty good." commented Rod Tieman. An unnamed bystander was heard to say "I think those White Glovers get a lot of power from "Krusie's" fine cooking." In any case, they do seem to do well at home. In the closest match of the night, Maya Jane's 2 went on the road to the Char Bar and came out on top by the score of 14-11. Things started on the wrong foot for the Char as Maya Jane's took four of the first set of five games. Everything was even at five to five as the Char shooters grabbed four of the second frame games. Frames three and four fell in favor of the visitors as Maya Jane's took each frame 3-2. With The Char 1 team down 9-11, "Blue Barry" Brown lead off the final frame with his fourth win of the night. Score was 10-11 as Troy Nix garnered his fourth win to make it 12-10 Maya Jane's favor. Kase Allison banged in a nine ball for his third win and closed the gap to 11-12. But that was the end as Maya Jane's won the last two games and the rights to go to Beautiful Downtown Burbank and clash with the home standing "White Gloves" of Whimp's. When the dust cleared, Brian and Randy each had won three games to help Maya Jane's cause. Kase and "Big Dog" also won three games for the Char, who were befuddled by one win from their other two players. So, there you have it folks. On March 18, Maya Jane's heads down to Whimp's for a "Battle Royal" and the rights to host the end of the year singles tourney at the winners bar. I strongly urge all of you to get out there and enjoy this final match of the season. It should be a close one. And when you are down at Whimp's, please take a moment and remember Jeff Radigan. He was a great guy and his smiling face was always present from behind the bar. Now he belongs to the ages, and we will remember him with respect and honor. Until next week … we will see you on the felt surface. Thanks, MOJO.

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