This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

This Week in Vermillion City Pool League By Joe â�?�?MOJOâ�? Reiser Hi again everybody, the opening round of the Pool League playoffs is in the book and here are the results. We start off with the top seeded Whimps 1 -vs- Maya Janes 3. We didn't get a score sheet from this match but we did hear that Whimps 1 was a winner. Second seed Char 1 hosted the ballers of Bunyans 2 in a match at the Char Bar. The Char 1 racers were paced by Kase Allison with a perfect five win night. Grant Sommervold and "Blue Barry" Brown each posted four wins, while Husker and Bill Willroth booked up three victories to throttle the Bunyans 2 boys, to the tune of 19 to 6. Blane Shoellerman was the top shooter for the Bombers as he had a "Nine Ball" break and three wins. The Varsity Lettermen, backed by a four win performance by Luke Mulbaur, took down the higher seeded Leos 3 team. The Varsity was helped along the victory path by Matt "Doc" Taggart, Mike "Stew" Stewart and Greg "Buckwheat" Sammelson who each had three wins. For Leos 3, yours truly, Joe "MOJO" Reiser was a four game winner as Leos 3 went down in defeat in 15-10 style. In a battle of Maya Janes teams the higher seeded Maya Janes 2 team bested the Maya Janes 1 team by the score of 15-10. Nathan Bork rolled in four nine balls to lead his team. Brian Lambertz, Ian May and Troy Nicks each pitched in with three wins. Troy had a "Nine Ball" break as an added highlight for the night. Bunyans 1 was on the upset trail as they visited the Char Bar 2 team. Tom Taggart and Jeff Whatyamacallhim were four game winners as the "Senior Bombers" walked out with a 15-10 victory. The visitors turned a close game into a win as they won four games in the fifth and final frame. The duo of Josh and Dino bagged three wins each for Char 2. Leos 1, fueled by a "Nine Ball" break from the stick of Aaron Baedke, blew open a close match and defeated Leos 4 14-11. Baedke's break came in the forth game of the third frame and he and his team went on an amazing eight game run to close out the senior Leos team. The foursome of Stevie Thiesen, Travis "Too Tough" Taggart, Aaron Baedke and Jay Christopherson each banged out three wins for the night. Jim "Fry Daddy" Frye and Wade "Bluesman" Hansen were three game winners for Leos 4. The Eagles soared as Clark Lewison was a perfect 5-0 to push his team past a tough Leos 2 group. With the score tied 11 to 11, the trio of Larry Edwards, Lewison and Cliff Deverell each rolled in the nine ball for a 14-11 win. Lewison's fifth and final win was the fatal blow that struck down Leos 2. In the closest match of the night Whimps 2 knocked off the Pressbox in a 13-12 match. With the match all tied at 10-10 after the fourth frame. Todd Radigan picked up his fourth win of the night, in the first game of the fifth set to give the Whimps a lead. Todd's teammate John Q. gained his only win of the night to give the home team the two game bulge. But the Pressboxers were not finished as Chad and Rob each banged in their fourth win to make everything even with one game to go. "Big" Dick rolled in the nine to tip the scales in favor of the "Burbank Bashers". The second round of the playoffs started on Wednesday, March 4 with Leos 1 visiting beautiful downtown Burbank to take on Whimps 1. Bunyans 1 hit the road and headed for the Char Bar to take on Char 1. Maya Janes 2 is the scene as Whimps 2 brings their game faces for a confrontation. And in a real "Battle Royal" the Varsity Lettermen attempt to knock the Eagles off of their roost, at the Eagles Club. These are all great matches and I hope everyone had a great night shooting pool. March 11 will be the semi-finals, with the finals scheduled for March 18. March 25 is the singles tourney to be held at the champion's bar. Food and "adult beverages" will be provided for the singles tourney.  So, that's all for this week..Until next time, "we will see you on the felt surface." Thanks MOJO

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