Watson is Vermillion Sanford <br />PRIDE Employee of the Month

Watson is Vermillion Sanford
PRIDE Employee of the Month Kelly Watson, Environmental Services, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion Medical Center (SVMC) February 2009 PRIDE Employee of the Month.  Watson has been employed at Sanford Vermillion since June 2007.  "Kelly is a very willing and industrious person.  She is always cheerful and ready to help."  "Kelly is being nominated for Employee of the Month because she highly deserves this honor.  She has exemplified personalized service to everyone in Dakota Gardens. This feat is not easy considering all those with different needs, likes and dislikes she must satisfy. I have never heard even one word of criticism from anyone regarding Kelly's duties – only praise."  "Kelly is respectful in every way and makes everyone feel that they are very special.  Her compassion is always sincere."  "Kelly is dedicated to Sanford and upholds the standards set by this organization.  She always does a perfect job of cleaning, takes care of our household needs and makes sure our lives here are as wonderful as they can possibly be."  "Kelly is a cheerful, kind, 'can do' sort of person that makes this a brighter place to live.  She does her work well and appears helpful to all the residents."  "Kelly is a very special person. She cares about us, our comfort, well being and making our stay here so relaxed. Kelly is always there with a helping hand and cheerful."  These are some of the comments shared in nominations for Watson. "I would like to thank Kelly for all she does.  We are proud to have her as part of our team." said Joan Reed, environmental services manager, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.  Kelly (Reihle) Watson is a native of Vermillion. She has two children and resides in Vermillion.

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