For the Record

For the Record Judge Tami Bern presiding March 13-19, 2009 Dale Baker, 702 E. Cherry St. #335, Vermillion: Criminal entry of motor vehicle, $300 plus costs, 14 days jail; Vandalism — $400-$1000 — second degree, Dismissed – motion by prosecutor; Petty theft second degree — $400 or less, Dismissed – motion by prosecutor; Possession of alcohol by minor, $50 plus costs. Fourteen days jail is suspended based on the following conditions: 1. No similar offenses in the next 360 days. Angela M. Jones, 400 N. Pine #526, Vermillion: Displaying another's license as one's own, $300 plus costs; Possession of alcohol by minor, $50 plus costs. Michael Dewaine Lilly, 708 N. Black St., Silver City, NM: Driving under influence – first offense, $350 plus costs.

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