Jepsen receives Steele scholarship

Jepsen receives Steele scholarship Student Loan Finance Corporation is pleased to announce that Shannon Jepsen has been chosen to receive the Tom Steele South Dakota Memorial Scholarship.  Shannon is a senior at Vermillion High School and was selected for the scholarship because of her commitment and contributions to her community and school, work ethic and outstanding academic ability from a competitive group of applicants.  Recipients of the Tom Steele Scholarship will receive an award to attend a South Dakota college of their choice.  SLFC congratulates Shannon and wishes her the best. The Tom Steele South Dakota Memorial Scholarship was created by Student Loan Finance Corporation to honor Tom Steele.  Tom Steele, Trust officer with US Bank, was SLFC's Trustee from the inception of SLFC in 1979 up until his untimely death in March 2002.  Tom was a friend to schools and students and was instrumental in providing assistance to students who needed an education but were unable to provide the financing without help.  Through his work with US Bank, and his association with SLFC, many lives were touched, although few may know of his involvement.  Tom is that unforgettable team member of a success story about encouraging and helping people who need financial aid. Student Loan Finance Corporation is currently servicing student loans and is located in Aberdeen.  Providing customer-focused solutions and being a responsive, adaptive leader during uncertain times and in a rapidly changing industry defines SLFC.  SLFC is committed to delivering staff oriented and customer focused solutions through basic principles of integrity, dedication to helping others, innovative leadership and teamwork through appropriately applied technology.

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