Master gardeners <br />plan spring seminar

Master gardeners
plan spring seminar The Missouri Valley Master Gardeners of Yankton are hosting once again a spring seminar for gardening lovers. The master gardeners have invited Nurseryman Harlan Hamernik of Bluebird Nursery of Clarkson, NE, to speak on Tuesday, April 14, at the Yankton Middle School Lecture Hall, 2000 Mulberry. The gardeners advise all visitors to use the south entrance. Hamernik and wife, Shirley, along with sons Tom, Chuck and Mike, are all active in Bluebird. He completed his education at Hastings College and has been a past president of Bluebird Nursery, Inc., from 1958-2006. Two slide presentations will be presented. Hamernik will talk about Great Plants for the Great Plains; and Xeric Plants for Sunny Spaces. His personal and business philosophy is, "If they'll grow in Nebraska, they'll grow anywhere!" Plan on joining the Master Gardeners for this informational meeting and bring all your gardening questions. Admission is $5.

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