Pal�s millions of �knee-slappers�

Pal��?s millions of ��?knee-slappers��? Bob Karolevitz
Writer At Large Marvin A. "Pal" Christensen is an inveterate story-teller.  Give him an inch and you get  back a veritable avalanche of knee-slappers.  Like Milton Berle he's got a "million of them" stashed away in his head, just waiting for someone to give him an opening! An official of sports through four decades, he's got memories galore of the funny sayings of coaches and kids on and off the field. Like the time he marched off 15 yards against a team for breaking rules. As he walked past the  transgressor's bench, he heard someone say, "You stink!"  So he marked off another 15 yards against the offending team and yelled back:  "How do I smell from here?" Get him started on Pood Brewer stories and you are deluged by recollections of the sayings of that Missouri River denizen. I remember one in particular about Pood when his wife was visiting him in the hospital after he had undergone some surgery.  She asked him,  "Did they get it all?" He answered, "No, I've got five dollars hidden in my shoe, and I don't think they've got that!"  And then there's the time when Pood went with a threshing crew to North Dakota. For days he would get up before breakfast — when it was still dark out — to feed the cattle and slop the hogs.  Then the crew spent the whole day working in the fields. Finally he had enough of that and packed his valise and headed for the door.  When he was asked where he was going, "I'm going some place where they've got night," he said." His best audience is his wife Pat who laughs and laughs although she's heard the same things dozens of times.  The rest of us laugh, too, because he tells the stories so well. You always expect a barrage of jokes from Pal—even though you've heard them before! Pal is Pal.  He has a come-back for everything! © 2009 Robert F. Karolevitz

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