Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1916 continued Lightning struck the barn of J. V. O'Connor in Prairie Center Township at 11:00 o'clock and the barn burned to the ground.  Mr. O'Connor lost four horses, harness, farm machinery and hay stored in the barn.  This is a heavy loss for Mr. O'Connor. Send fifty cents today and have the Sioux City Tribune sent to your address for three months. The paving will be extended two blocks on West Main to cover the Lee-Prentis and court house blocks. Now that the city board of equalization has finished its labors, we hear some kicks on the valuations placed on the books by the assessor.  It's too late now to register objections, as the books have been turned over to the county auditor.  The records can't be changed in city affairs.  Objections should have been made when the city board was in session. The new ferry boat, which has been built by Joe Gray, is now in operation.  It was launched the first of the week at the landing of the H. K. Severson farm.  The boat is a good one, has a 10 horsepower gasoline engine, and skims over the water in fine style.  It will carry at least four autos or five teams. Remember Vermillion has a speed ordinance for autos.  Put on the brakes when you strike the city limits.  Some drivers seem to have a mania when they reach University Street on the East or West Main Street, and open the throttle wide open and speedup to 30 or 40 miles per hour. It will be a fine addition to the First National Bank when completed. It will extend to the alley, and will be only one story. At a meeting of the Burbank school board it was voted to expend a snug little sum in building sidewalks around the building and cementing the basement.  The appropriation amounts to $600.00. The chicken thieves are at it again.  They are after the spring variety and that counts into money pretty fast.  We presume they are professionals who realize this and are getting busy while the going is good. Automobiles for Everyone at Thompson-Lewis Co.: 5 passenger, 6 cylinder $1150.00 7 passenger, 6 cylinder $1350.00 Cadillac 8 5 or 7 passenger $2140.00 Ford Touring Car $390.00 Ford Roadster $375.00 UNDER WATER 50 YEARS:  Reconvery of a portion of the cargo of the packet boat Leonora, sunk fifty years ago in the Missouri river somewhere between Elk Point and Jefferson, SD., may be possible, according to E. E. Wenner, at Elk Point, who has commenced dredging at the point where the bulk was located in one of the sloughs which formerly was the bed of the river. The old craft was found about a year ago, and a search then resulted in finding nothing of the cargo, which consisted largely of wines and whiskies.  Mr. Wenner, who is a surveyor at Elk Point, has been interested in recovering the boat's cargo for years, and believes he has located it.  On Monday the Townes Transfer Company of Sioux City hauled a large pump and a large load of lumber to the point where the old boat lies in the mud and sand.  Mr. Wenner said he was confident of success.  Sioux City and South Dakota men or years have sought to locate the liquors. Watermelons are "hanging on the vine" according to J. R. Dunlap who has several acres to dispose of this year. They will be on the market about August 20. The sentiment prevails that auto drivers should go to the street intersection before turning around.  This would be a mighty good idea, as the people who are on the streets would then know what to expect.  At the present time autoists turn any old place, directly on or off crossings. Once more Julius Charrlin is happy.  He has one of the best artesian wells in the country in the new location.  The Kryger machine is a good one, he says, and it is not difficult to get results with it. Have you seen the rooster in the window at Gilbertson's Harness Shop? He is going to eat corn from 11 to 1 o'clock on Friday.  You can get a free guess on how many kernels of corn he will pick up during the two hours and will win a pair of shoes if you are closest.  The rooster will not be given anything to eat from Thursday night until the contest starts. The Creamery will close for several months due to the shortage of ice.  The shortage of ice has not been a problem before in Vermillion but due to the increased consumption of ice the closing is necessary. That rooster in the harness shop window was some feeder.  In two hours that he was on full feed, he picked up just 551 kernels of corn.  Harold Anderson won the shoes.  His guess was correct.  The guesses ranged from 5 to 1700. Miss Myra Snyder and Ole M. Myron were wed at the home of the bride's mother on September 12, 1916.  They departed for Huron that evening to enjoy the state fair.  They will take charge of Mr. Myron's father's farm in Norway Township. Judging from the increasing number of fatal accidents it seems that we are rapidly approaching that time when all automobile drivers will be required to pass an examination and prove their ability to understand and operate the vehicle.

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