Sheriff investigates poisoning incident at Vermillion High School

Sheriff investigates poisoning incident at Vermillion High School On April 2, the Clay County sheriffâ�?�?s school resource officer received a report that as many as seven Vermillion High School students became ill or affected by cookies prepared by classmates. The investigation revealed that two students made cookies and, as an April Foolâ�?�?s prank, added over the counter sleeping medications to the cookies. The students then shared the cookies with classmates. Some students who ate the cookies became sleepy and fell asleep during school, some became ill and vomited while one required medical attention. School and law enforcement authorities are confident that all tainted cookies have been accounted for and know who ate them. There is no indication that the incident involved any more than the 12 cookies prepared and consumed by the seven students. Some of the victims and one of the suspects are juveniles. Charges are being considered against the two students who prepared the cookies. Possible charges are intentional poisoning, simple assault and disturbance of school. Disturbance of school is defined as a situation where â�?�?A person, whether pupil or not, who intentionally disturbs a public or nonpublic school when in session or who intentionally interferes with or interrupts the proper order or management of a public or nonpublic school by acts of violence, boisterous conduct, or threatening language, so as to prevent the teacher or any pupil from performing his dutyâ�? (SDCL 13-32-6). The school administration may also consider penalties within the school disciplinary system. â�?�?This is clearly a situation where kids simply didnâ�?�?t think of the consequences of their actions. Some of these students drove home after school, unaware they were under the influence of the medication,â�? said Clay County Sheriff Andy Howe. There is no indication that the two students who prepared the cookies meant any harm to anyone and have expressed remorse for their actions.

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