This Week in Vermillion City Pool League

This Week in Vermillion City Pool League By Joe "MOJO" Reiser It's Spring according to the calender and it's time to wrap up the indoor pool league for the season. A celebration was held at Whimp's in beautiful downtown Burbank for the team champion "Whimp's #1 White Gloves" and the end of the season singles tourney was held. Whimp's head professional, Carol Kruse, was responsible for a delicious broasted chicken dinner, and some fine adult beverages. There was also some pool to be played.  The top seeds in the singles tourney were the players of the championship team. This year's top shooter was Glenny Mac and he was in the top seeded spot. Other top spots were held down by "Skinny", Buzz "Blues Harp" Johnson, and Rob. In the opening rounds, one game would decide who moved on to the next round. This proved to be a harsh judge to some of the players as fate and luck would combine to eliminate a variety of shooters from the competition. For example, after narrowly loosing the lag, (a great alternative to a coin flip) Dave "Homeland " Kezar racked for the highly seeded Rob, of the "White Gloves", and before Dave had the chance to grab his cue, Rob had broken and made a "Nine Ball Break".  Buzz "Blues Harp" Johnson's fate would not be as good as his teammates, as he ran into the trusty cue of Rusty Jensen. In a protracted match, Jensen would use tough leaves and ball in hand opportunities to knock Johnson out in the first round. In what seemed like a most unusual twist of fate, Glenny Mac would scratch early in the match and give an opportunity to yours truly. I know from past experiences that it's best to try to get these games over as soon as possible, particularly when you face the "Top Gun" in the league. I decided to try a cut combination which would drive the nine into the corner pocket. Well, sometimes a person gets lucky. The nine ball missed the corner by about three inches and caromed into the opposite side pocket. It was such a bad miss, but that's just the sun shining on this dogs behind at a rare moment. Of course I went on and was a victim of my own bad shooting, thus being eliminated in the next game by Josh Kimlica of the Char Bar 2 team. Some of the people who did shoot better pool made the elite eight and played the best of three games. Bill Willroth of the Char 1 team was victorious over Ryan Bak of Leo's 3, to finish as the individual singles champion. Bak turned in a nice nights work and would finish in the second place chair. In a battle for third place Rusty Jensen of Leo's 1, would knock Curt Kuiper of Leo's 4, out of the money by finishing in third place. Willroth will have his name etched in stone and be excepting visitors on the second Tuesday of the third week of each month, for private lessons and photo opportunities. So, there you have it folks. The Vermillion City Pool League has drawn to a close for the 2008-2009 season. Congratulations to the season champs, Whimp's 1. Singles champ, Bill Willroth. Dick Brown for being the elder statesman of the league. And a special thanks to Rusty Jensen for taking the time to run this league. Thanks to all of the players and a special thanks to all of you who have followed along in the news paper. Until next season…We will see you on the felt surface. Thanks, MOJO

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