Contractor receives National Award

Contractor receives National Award Welfl Construction Corporation was the General Contractor for the construction of two pump houses, associated piping and the protective embankment of the Missouri River just west of the Vermillion-Newcastle Bridge. The work is part of the construction of several well fields for the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. The water pumped out of these well fields will provide communities in three states with drinking water. This project was completed in the summer of 2008. This year the project is receiving the 2009 Cooperative Conservation Award from the Department of the Interior. The award ceremony took place on Thursday, May 7, at the Department of the Interior's office in Washington, DC. This honor is in recognition of the cooperation between all involved parties in accomplishing a project with a positive impact on the environment. A good mile of river bank was reinforced with rock to protect the well fields from being swallowed up by the Missouri River. As the well fields are located within the boundaries of the Missouri National Recreational River the plan was to make the embankment look and act as natural as possible. The embankment curves along the existing river shore. To give it some teeth, full-size trees that had to be removed for the embankment were stretched into the river with their roots locked into the rock. These "locked logs" slow down the water flowing along the bank, allowing sediment to settle. Welfl Construction Corporation's work was closely watched by numerous state and federal agencies. During construction the design of the embankment was altered and refined in discussion with experts of the involved agencies. The end result lived up to everybody's expectations and ended up being a valuable pilot project for environmentally sensitive river embankments.

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