Cutting summer<br />Graduation wrong

Cutting summer
Graduation wrong To the editor: The university has acted in what could be described as a  short sighted venture to please the legislature.  The cutting of  the summer graduation starting in 2010 is just wrong!!  The university has many students working to finish their degrees at this time.  Postponing till December or rushing to be done by May is an insult to their efforts, time, talent and skills.  I am one of those students who has or should I say had a projected end date of August 2010.  This summer's day has been anticipated by many of my family members on three different continents and in seven states, all of who had made arrangements already to attend the event next summer.  Now I am faced with the task of telling them not to come because I am not sure when that day will really be. Then I got to thinking.  No only is this poor on the university's parts, it is poor on the part of the legislators part as well.  Gov. Rounds should be deeply ashamed of himself.  The summer graduation is not only for the students of the university but it provides a much needed boost to the local economy during one of the slowest months of the year.  Summer graduation causes much money to be spent on local hotels, eating establishments and gives the community another chance to show off the unique talents.  Now, all of the community will suffer! I would appeal to both the university and to the legislature that this is a poor idea!  Cutting this money might save a few dollars but it generates much more then it costs.  That is called a good investment.  Please reconsider this ill fated plan and reinstate the summer graduation.  Summer graduation is truly one of the best things about our town, our campus and our ability to display the splendor that is Vermillion and USD. Elizabeth Abbott Vermillion

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