Hy-Vee joins Gov. Rounds Tree Initiative project

Hy-Vee joins Gov. Rounds Tree Initiative project Hy-Vee is helping South Dakota go green by donating 800 young trees to be planted in five southeastern communities of the state. The company is donating the trees in celebration of Arbor Day and as part of Gov. Mike Rounds' Tree Initiative project. Hy-Vee Vermillion's contribution was noted during Arbor Day events held Friday, April 24. Of those 800 trees – 150 trees were earmarked for the Vermillion Sesquicentennial. One of the trees was planted in front of the new City Hall building at 25 Center Street in memory of Megan Tolsma-O'Connor. "Hy-Vee is a great corporate citizen in South Dakota and is to be congratulated for partnering with the state in tree-planting efforts. Today's tree planting shows that commitment by Hy-Vee's donation of 800 trees,' said Gov. Rounds. Flowering crabapples, oaks, maples, lindens and cedar trees are among the $42,000 worth of trees donated. "We hope that the trees we're planting in South Dakota communities this week are symbolic of our partnership to respect the land and to keep it green for future generations,' said Paula Correy, Hy-Vee vice president, Western Region. This is the second consecutive year Hy-Vee has emphasized sustainability efforts in conjunction with Arbor Day. Last year the company donated 200,000 seedlings to Midwest schools and organizations to teach young children about protecting the environment. Thirteen South Dakota schools answered the invitation to participate in the project, and 5,600 seedlings were planted as a result. "We want to encourage young people to take an interest in helping sustain the world we share,' said Correy. "Our goal with the seedlings was to give children a hands-on experience to teach them not to take trees for granted, that we all have to do our part to make sure there are always trees around.' Like many businesses, Hy-Vee has stepped up its efforts in recent years to do business in ways that protect the well-being of its customers, employees and communities in which it operates. Examples of those efforts include reducing packaging on products, using more natural light in its building projects, recycling construction waste materials and improving fuel efficiency of the trucking fleet. For a more complete list of the company's sustainability efforts, go to www.hy-vee.com and click on the sustainability link.

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