Local nurses complete worksite wellness training

Local nurses complete worksite wellness training Jill Munger, RN and Grace Freeman, RN, South Dakota Department of Health community health nurses in Clay and Union counties, recently completed specialized training in worksite wellness. They are two of 19 worksite wellness consultants trained by the South Dakota Department of Health to help businesses who are interested in implementing worksite wellness programs. The worksite wellness consultant program is one part of the larger Healthy South Dakota initiative designed to increase physical activity and healthy eating. Healthy South Dakota works to address risky behaviors that lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and cancer which are the three leading causes of death in the state. Risk factors for these diseases include physical inactivity, poor nutrition, obesity, tobacco addition, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Munger and Freeman are trained to work with employers and worksites to support healthy lifestyles and to develop and implement wellness policies and programs. For more information about worksite wellness check the workplace tab at http://www.healthysd.gov/. The site offers a variety of resource guides, tool kits, materials and policy information for worksites interested in setting up wellness programs. Area businesses interested in worksite wellness can contact Munger or Freeman at Clay County Community Health at 677-6767 or Freeman at Union County nurses office at 356-2644.

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