On-Line renewal system expands <br />services for SD vehicle owners

On-Line renewal system expands
services for SD vehicle owners An on-line system that allows South Dakota vehicle owners to renew their vehicle registration any time of the day or night from their personal computer is expanding to include the electronic issuance of seller's permits. Under the state's license plate with owner system, individuals selling vehicles through private sales are required to obtain a seller's permit prior to the vehicle being sold. The seller's permit, which is free, allows the buyer to drive the vehicle in the interval between purchase and registration for a period of 30 days or upon registration, whichever comes first. Department of Revenue & Regulation, Division of Motor Vehicles Director Deb Hillmer says many South Dakotans are already taking advantage of the on-line renewal system with good results, and the addition of the seller's permit feature will add to the convenience of the system. "The biggest thing people seem to appreciate it is that you can now renew your vehicles at a time and place that's convenient for you – no more trips to the county treasurer's office, no waiting in line," Hillmer said. "Including the electronic issuance of the seller's permit will make private sales even easier and more efficient for both the seller and the buyer." According to Hillmer, only one permit per vehicle is allowed to be issued on-line; additional permits must be obtained from your county treasurer's office. On-line reprints are available on the day of issue with a maximum of 10 permits allowed per on-line visit. The on-line renewal system can be accessed at www.SDcars.org and is available from 90 days up to 10 days prior to the vehicle's registration expiration date; on-line renewals are not accepted less than 10 days prior to the registration expiration date to allow time for processing. To renew on-line, individuals enter an identification number along with their date of birth. In the case of a company, a sealed renewal form has been mailed to the company containing instructions and a password to be used in the on-line renewal process. Because the transaction is completed electronically, a $1 convenience fee is assessed per vehicle, in addition to the registration and mailing fees. Acceptable forms of payment include electronic check, credit cards (MasterCard or Discover only), or ATM/debit cards supported by Pulse, Star, and NYCE. Only vehicles that are within the 90-day renewal period can be completed on-line; boat and certain snowmobile renewals are not available at this time but will be added in the future along with other enhancements. Address changes must also be made through your county treasurer's office prior to on-line renewal. For more information on vehicle registration renewals and seller's permits, contact the South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles at 605.773.3541 or visit their website at www.state. sd.us/drr2/motorvehicle.

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