Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk By Cleo Erickson 1917 Doc 95 Hundreds of people went to Yankton to see the soldier boys, feeling that it would be the last time before they would be sent to permanent training camps.  Vermillion was well represented. People at the depot yesterday had a chance to see several wild animals that came by express to the University. They were not alive, but stuffed, and had been gathered west of the river by Prof. W. H. Over.  The consignment will prove to be a valuable addition to the museum, including as it does, a large bear, wolf, elk and deer, six-legged lamb, wild cat., etc. The Clay County Red Cross has received an urgent call for knitted work.  One and one half million each of knitted sweaters, mufflers, socks, and wristlets. Because of the shortage of fuel and other discomforts they will be of incredible value for both military and civilian relief work. The Garvis billiard and pool hall is now equipped for serving the general public with temperance drinks of all kinds. Including Near Beer on draught faucets, cooling tanks, etc., were installed this week and the Near Beer without a kick was placed on sale by the glass Tuesday afternoon.  This makes the third parlor for Vermillion. A large number of ladies of the city were present at the C. E. Prentis home last Firday afternoon to spend a few hours at Whist or Five Hundred.  A series of these parties will be given and at each a silver offering will be made for the benefit of the Red Cross. D. P. Williams took possession of the Scott Market on Market Street and hereafter will be known as the Williams Meat Market. Chesterfield cigarettes wrapped in glassine paper keeps them fresh.  20 for ten cents. If everything goes well our people will see some real paving done in the city in a few days.  The work will start at University Street and come west on Main Street. Billiard and pool players will be obliged to pay more money for the past time hereafter.  The cues, tips, cloth, chalk, etc., has greatly advanced in price. Owing to the fact that there was no way to get a piano across the Vermillion River for the dance last Friday night, it was postponed until Tuesday night of this week.  The management will have no trouble in hauling the instrument back and forth in the future, and regular weekly dances will be held at the bowery until cold weather. Groceries at Spensley's Cash Grocery: Peaches $1.25 per crate, Bartlett Pears, $3.00 per box. If some of the men who died about a hundred years ago should awaken and have to dodge automobiles, trains, aeroplanes, motorcycles, or answer the telephone, no doubt they would be glad they didn't wait a hundred years longer to die. The last dance of the season at Wherry Park was held last evening. Twenty seven young men will soon be sent notice by the exemption board and will be given orders to report to Fort Riley, Kansas. 1376 auto licenses have been taken out in Clay County to date.  This is 405 more than in 1916. J. G. Danielson, living on the old home farm in the Greenfield district, is minus his auto.  Someone entered his garage and succeeded in making a clean getaway. A week later J. G. Danielson was notified that his auto had been found at Lennox.  The Lennox Chief of Police had written to the Secretary of State to find out in whose name the auto was registered.  He immediately notified Mr. Danielson.  The auto was in good shape and must have been abandoned when the gasoline run out.  When theLennox officer was handed a check for $35.00 he expressed considerable surprise as he was unaware a reward had been offered.  Godfrey was happy to have his auto back. $395.00 buys a Saxon Roadster, the greatest automobile value ever offered.  See W. A. Chaussee, Dealer.  This buys a car with a 2 unit electric starting and lighting system—no more hand cranking.  Step on a button placed for your right heel and your motor is running.  Simply turn a little switch and your lights are shining.  The wheels have demountable rims and it has a three speed transmission.  This gives you more speed on less power.  It has a stream lined body of racy smartness and a honeycomb radiator that ensures constant coolness.  It's a completely equipped car down to the last detail. Many of the girls are wearing the uniform dress of the high school.  This is very commendable at this time when the prices of everything are soaring so high.

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