Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights By Cleo Erickso Excerpts from the Plain Talk n 1917 Doc 94 Would you like to do your share and help by putting your money where it will support the new Federal Reserve Banking System, which the Government has established to stand back of our commerce, industry and agriculture? You can do this by opening a bank account, as part of every dollar deposited goes directly into the new system. If you have corns, wear our Army shoes, comfort and style combined, priced at $6.00.  The Bootery. Notice:  Jitney line will run from south of Main Street, to and from the Chautauqua grounds.  Calls will be answered from north of Main Street. V. M. Warner—Phone 211-W Bert Dye reports that the celery crop is coming on just fine.  He and his partner Ed Anglin decided 3,000 plants were not enough so they purchased 4,000 more. "Near Beer", that's what they call the new drink being manufactured in many breweries in dry states.  The drink has become quite popular in the drink emporiums in Vermillion. That two billion dollar liberty loan is said to be but an ante in the great game of war.  In that case we have more than enough gold in this country to call and raise every bet that Berlin Bill makes, and your Uncle Sam holds five aces in his hand. It would be a matter of much interest to the average American to know how many enemy subs have been put out of commission by our gunners.  It isn't fair to hold back this news. Big Bowery Dance at the Harry Ballard farm, 4 miles east and two miles North of Vermilion, Saturday evening, July 21.  A good time for all.  Admission 50 cents. Gravely's celebrated Chewing Tobacco Plug had held its reputation for 85 years. The Chautauqua did not pay out this year, and Manager Bauman informs us that he will be about $100.00 on the wrong side of the books when all expenses are paid. Considerable excitement prevailed when the report was circulated that the county commissioners had raised the valuation of all lots and structures in the city 25 per cent.  However, after much deliberation they rescinded their actions and the valuations of Vermillion go up to the state board as returned by the city board. Farmers, watch out for fakers.  They are around selling a cure for hog cholera. We have heard that hard times will sweep this country at the close of the war.  Don't you believe it.  There will be bigger business than ever in the history of the country. Thos. Brick will open his new Confectionery store on Saturday of this week. Dogs will be at a premium in the city in a short time.  The city council ordered the city attorney to draft a resolution which will carry with it a higher license fee than usual.  Male dogs will be taxed at $10.00 per head each year, and females $25.00.  This may take care of all the canines running loose. The State Department has a ruling that all auto hearses must carry a number, same as any auto. L. G. Milks and Forest Gilbaugh are erecting a nice bowery across the Vermillion River just south of the boat landing.  Weekly dances are planned and a refreshment stand will be in operation where soft drinks, ice cream, pop, etc., will be on sale. The middle of next week Bert Dye and Ed Anglin are ready to sell the celery everyone has been talking about.  They also have cabbage and lots of cucumbers. They fairly make your mouth water. Someone has been scattering tacks and nails on the road in west Vermillion.  Several auto tires were punctured.  It is said the offender is known and will go pretty hard on him if he does not desist in his nefarious practice. JohnPeterson from Prairie Center rode his wheel to Vermilion last Saturday evening.  Andrew Stensaas has purchased a Jeffrey car. Officials dumped seventy five to one hundred gallons of whiskey and gin in the Vermillion River.  The booze had been stored in the county jail at the court house and was turned loose into the sewer through the manhole.  The booze sent to the mouth of the sewer near the Air Line Bridge, where it is said, hundreds of carp and buffalo were waiting for the refreshments.  The booze had been taken in a raid on the barn that is rented out by the Waldorf Hotel management early last spring.

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