Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts From the Plain Talk 1917 Living expenses are up but telephone rates are down. 320,817 Fords, the Universal Car, have been built since August 1, 1916 and delivered to retail buyers. UNCLE SAM GETS RECRUITS:  When the evening train pulled out Monday night there were nearly a thousand people at the depot to bid farewell to twenty-three young men who volunteered their services to Uncle Sam. It is possible that we men over 35 must take off our coats and win this war for Uncle Sam!  Well by heck, we can do it, and do it to the everlasting shame of the youngsters If you want to silence a group of chattering women just ask them which one is the oldest. 23 years ago in 1894, the stone masons began laying brick on Helgeson's new building.  "Brownie" the gambler, was in town in 1894 awaiting action against him for selling intoxicating liquors. Vermillion will be without a roller skating rink.  Arrangements have been made to move it to Centerville.  A farewell dance will be given this evening and everyone is invited. At the next meeting of the city council the members will be asked to contribute money to support a band.  Under the law the city can make a levy for the support of a band each year. Martin Erickson bought the Lee-Prentis Ranch and will take possession on March 1, 1918.  M. J. Chaney transferred 737 acres to him at $150.00 per acre.  With the "boys" to help push things along, we believe that the Erickson's will make things hum on the ranch, just the same as Knute Severson during the past two years. A Patriotic Rally will be held Sunday afternoon at the University Campus.  Governor Peter Norbeck has been invited to speak and he tells us he will be here if possible.  In case of bad weather the program will be held at the Opera House. The Mccabee's will hold a food sale at Spensley's store on Saturday.  Don't worry about preparing your Sunday dinner as the ladies will supply you with everything good to eat. Work is advancing rapidly on the new auto garage on Center Street to be known as Anderson-Crawford Auto Company. ——— This war will be a long duration for the simple reason that we have to go a long way to fight.  It will require time, patience and money to properly organize the necessary army units to transport to the old world, but Uncle Sammy has his "Irish" up now and he will get there but it will take time. Bert Dye and  Ed Anglin are going to furnish the community with some celery this year.  They believe celery can be grown here and have rented land in north Vermillion near what is known as the old pest house.  The land is rather swampy and just right for celery.  They plan to set out 3000 plants. Leonard Nissen writes to his mother that he is enjoying the soldier life. They are expecting to be called to arms at any time for a trip across the waters to France. Clean up.  If you don't, you'll get "cleaned".  The officers are going right after this garbage proposition, and if, after due notice, you do not comply with the order, legal steps will be taken. The public drinking fountain at the corner of Main and Center is to be open for business once more.  It closed because of rotted pipes.  The demand is so great that repairs will be made immediately and not wait until the street is paved. Young men between the ages of 21 and 30 must register.  Uncle Sam insists they register. Here's an excellent opportunity to get your name in the hall of fame.  Get your think tank to working and invent a weapon to dispose of enemy submarines. On the ravine lot just east of the Baptist church, Mr. Wm. Michels has erected a fine new brick building and fitted up the Michels confectionery store and ice cream parlor.  Numerous tables for patrons has added an annex that serves as a sun parlor.  The porch is screened and has tables for the customers to enjoy their ice cream and look out over the beautiful ravine. The Lutheran Congregation of Dalesburg will hold its annual picnic at the parsonage on Monday, June 25, 1917.  Prof. Bundlie of St. Paul will deliver the address.  The Vermillion Band will entertain with music and the Orpheus Male Chorus will render a number of selections besides recitations and music. Bills are out announcing the celebration at the old Bottolfson place four miles west of Vermillion on July4th.  Join in the big picnic dinner and listen to a speech by Hon. Carl Gunderson, run foot races, with horse races and a baseball game.  The celebration is given under the auspices of the Elmwood Band.  A big bowery dance with good music and good lights will be staged in the evening.  No fireworks on the grounds.

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