Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1917 Disappointment prevailed at the Grange store last Monday when the films for the Gossard corset demonstration failed to arrive.  Because these films are scheduled to show from day to day, it will be impossible to show the pictures in Vermillion at a later date. The Plain Talk believes that every need of the fire department be supplied.  We are in favor of a new fire house, one that will be a credit to Vermillion.  Go to another city the size of Vermillion and you will find different conditions than those that exist here. W. A. Chaussee has accepted the agency for the Saxon auto and is ready to talk things over with all prospective buyers. City Council discussed paving, new fire house and allowed bills at their meeting.  A petition was filed, liberally signed, asking that the people be allowed to vote on a proposition of $7,500 for a new home for the firemen.  The plan is to have the first floor for apparatus and second floor for use of the firemen. There has been some talk of running electric lights through the center of Main Street.  The Board is disposed to place the new ones on the side. There is a move on at Pierre to raise the salary of the legislators to ten dollars per day and to extend the term to four years. Patrons feel an addition should be made to the high school building.  It would likely cost $25,000.00. Vermillion needs a laundry with a population of 2500 and 600 students.  The business is all going out of town to Sioux City or Sioux Falls.  Things would sure be more convenient all around. The road having been constructed between Vermillion and Meckling has received many favorable comments.  It is now one of the finest roads in the county. Andrew Meleen purchased the old court house building and another landmark is being torn down.  He will use the lumber for the erection of a residence. There will be seven criminal cases, fourteen civil cases, and three naturalizations to be taken care of at the March 12 term of Circuit Court. The First National Bank of Vermillion has resources of more than $1,000.000 on March 22, 1917. One corner of the tent at the roller skating rink caved in from the heavy snow. The firemen are planning on a big dance to be held at the roller rink on April 9.  The Lenten season will have ended at this time and everybody can dance. No one has made official claim for the liquor found at the Waldorf hotel barn last week.  Mr. Eldredge did not know that the barrels of booze had been stored in the barn, as he was sick all week and it was placed there without his knowledge.  In the meantime, the barrels are at the court house behind locked doors. Voters going to the city election this week will be asked for an appropriation of $50,000 for enlarging school facilities.  The new building will be a duplicate in size and construction of the present high school building. The salaries of the Alderman have been fixed at $35.00 per year, and the Mayor will received $50.00.  No overtime allowed. You can see the latest designs in hosiery at the roller skating rink most any night—except Sunday. Let us hope that Uncle Sammy will not make a strategic move unless it be for a strategical reason. There will be no new fire house on Center Street this year. The voters do not believe the firemen need a new home.  It is little doubt but that the school bonds had some effect on the fire bonds, and that with the larger proposition out of the way, the other would have carried in good shape.  And it should have. SCHOOL BONDS DEFEATED: There will be no improvement in the schools this summer.  The vote was close, but the voters did not want to issue $50,000 in bonds for an addition to the high school building.  The majority rules, and we will have to await the time with patience until another opportunity represents itself to support a similar proposition. A local military training camp will be established here, and, beginning this week, regular drill will be the order from 7:45 to 8:45 in charge of M. L. Thompson. Enjoy an evening of roller skating to some fine music on Saturday. Military and Red Cross Training Instruction is now being given at the University commencing on April 16, 1917.

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