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The Bluffs Bulletin Board Seniors divided Into threes and twos On May 19 the seniors were grouped into three-man teams and two-man teams. The first half were sent out in threesomes and the best score was 35. Winners were Alan Clem, Jack Doyle and Turk Pilker in first place while Mo Marcotte, Rex Huska and Ross King followed with the same score for second place. The second half were sent out in twosomes and the best score was 38, turned in by Fritz Bartels and his guest, Jack Bohnenblust. Second best score was 39, carded by Ray Lynn and Cleland Cook. The outstanding birdie putts for the day listed in order of greatest length were Ray Lynn, 42 footer on #1; Louie Fostvedt, 24 footer on #9; guest, Jack Bohnenblust, 20 footer on #2; Turk Pilker, 15 footer on #5; and Elmer Mount, 10 footer on #6. The seniors now are playing in the mornings on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. Thirty-three turned out for our first morning session on this May 19, which is our best attendance to date. Ladies have great first get together It was a great first get together for this summer; hope everyone had a great time. On May 6 we had 24 ladies present with one new member joining us, Beth Silvano. Welcome Beth. Cherry Street is again serving us at our luncheon, thanks Jon. As usual, it was great. Desserts for our first gathering were provided by Mary Bartels and Vaneta Youngworth. You two outdid yourselves; you are a hard act to follow. Our quarter drawings were won by Pat Berglund, Ramona Kellogg, Mary Bartels, Rosemary Mart, Anita White, Jan Chapman and me (Pat Steckelberg). Mary introduced a new worker at The Bluffs, Mark Turner. Welcome Mark. We had one Bridge table. Ramona Kellogg was high scorer. We also had one table of Pitch. Agnes Mockler and Rose Mart were the Pitch champs. We had three tables of Dominoes. Round I: Beth Silvano (new member), Fritz Lefler, Eileen Turner; Round II: Barb Boone, Fritz Lefler, Janet Hoff; Round III: Barb Boone, Mary Lea Hennies, Jan Chapman; Overall Winners: Karon Bensen, Fritz Lefler, Vaneta Youngworth. This was the first golf outing for us this summer. We had 11 golfers. As in all the past summers, we had great fun and it was great seeing some of the ladies we seldom see in the winter months. We played Pass the Buck, there were three groups and the winners were Ramona Kellogg, Dorothy Blair and Mary Lea Hennies. Great golfing ladies. On May 13 there were 19 ladies served lunch. Ann Stewart was in charge of desserts. A get well card was sent to Babe Hurowitz, hope you have a speedy recovery. Agnes Mockler was the $5 drawing winner. Quarters winners were Rosemary Mart, Linda Sorenson, Mary Bartels, Mary Lea Hennies, Sally Gilbertson and Lorraine Brunick. Lorraine Brunick was high in Bridge today. There were two tables of Dominoes. Low scorers were Mary Lea Hennies and Barb Boone. Busiest payers were Ann Stewart and Jan Chapman. Lowest group round went to Mary Lea Hennies and highest went to Beth Silvano. Agnes Mockler and Rose Mart, and Linda Sorenson and Sally Gilbertson were partners in Pitch. They each won one game. As for golf, Lynne Hatle was the winner and Karon Benson won the booby prize. There were 25 ladies out May 20, hope for many more next week. Anita White and Beth Silvano took care of desserts. We had one guest this week, Lois O'Grady. Welcome Lois, hope to have you back again. Rosemary Mart was the lucky $5 drawing winner. Quarters winners were Marlys Jensen, Ann Stewart, Lorraine Brunick, Ramona Kellogg, Beth Silvano and Vaneta Youngworth. We had two tables of Bridge today with Dorothy Reed as our winner. Welcome back Bridge players. It was a very exciting match and lots of fun. There were also two tables of Dominoes. We played May Trivia. Round I: (anniversary of nylon stockings, May 15) winners were Karon Benson and Agnes Mockler. Round II: (Ian Fleming/James Bond would be 101 years old on May 28) winners were Darlene Engbrecht and Beth Silvano. Round III: (Patrick Henry, Bob Hope and J.F. Kennedy, all born on May 29) winners were Beth Silvano and Barb Larson. Wow ladies, this was a challenge. Overall winners were Barb Larson and Anita Youngworth. There wasn't any golf today; it was way too windy. Six ladies did show up, but unanimously voted no golf. May everyone join us again next week and join in the fun. Bring a friend to introduce to our gathering for golf, various card games, Quiggler or Dominoes. See you all at The Bluffs. WELL has warmer night It was another windy night on The Bluffs.  The temperature was much warmer than last week and we were able to sit on the porch and relax after struggling against the wind on the course. Low gross was Joanne Usted and low net was Ann Jensen with a 33. Ann Stewart won longest putt of  25 feet on #2.  Darlis LaBahn still has it in for the cart signs, this time on #3.  Darlis and Judy Hanson won an honorary prize for the most animal club covers in one cart. Now that school is out and graduations are over we are hoping to see a few more ladies join us on Wednesday Evening Ladies League.  I can almost guarantee that the weather will be better.

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