This Week in Vermillion High School Golf

This Week in Vermillion High School Golf By Joe "MOJO" Reiser The month of April came to an end seeing the "V" Town girls dropping a duel match to the Dakota Valley girl golfers. But, the month of May was bright and sunny seeing our varsity winning the "Big 8" conference meet and having the "V" Town JV girls gaining a second place finish in the conference meet.  Let's T up the results. At The Bluffs on April 28 the Dakota Valley girls posted a team score of 181. The trio of Nicole Funck (40) Shyler Funck (44) and Holly Goeden (45) all bested the "V" Town varsity. Vermillion girls were led by Laura Hansen (46) Kristin Schwasinger (49) Kenzie Huska (51) Lindsey Robinet (54) and Kelsey Osborne (55) for a total of 200. Dakota Valley top four scores totaled 181. "I think the girls don't understand how much Prom takes out of them. It's one of the biggest events of the year and it really takes a toll on the students. They put so much effort into the event and it takes a few days to recover and regain their balance." commented veteran coach Kirk Hogen. The "V"Town JV posted scores of 47 by Ellen Brown, 48 by Kelly Amundson, 52 by Alison Heine and 55 by Emily Miller for a 202 team score. The Dakota Valley JV team score was a distant 219. April gave way to May and the golfers headed for a May Day in Madison and the "Big 8" Conference Meet. Varsity team scores looked like this:1st, Vermillion Tanagers 410;  2nd, Madison Lady Bulldogs 422; 3rd, West Central Trojans  431; 4th, Harrisburg Tigers 434; 5th, Lennox Orioles…455. The JV scores were Vermillion JV 416 and West Central 501. The 416 would have been second place if the JV scores would have been counted in the team finals. Once again we see how the depth of our "V" Town girls will be a strength for future meets. Individual scores looked like this … 1st, Brianna Postma of Madison 90; 2nd, Laura Hansen of Vermillion 97 (playoff winner); 3rd, Bri Tuenge of Harrisburg 97; 4th, Rachel Liesinger of West Central 99; 5th, Kristin Schwasinger and Kelsey Osborne of Vermillion at 104 and rounding out the Vermillion Varsity scores was Kelly Amundson at 114.  The JV part of the meet was dominated by the "V" Town girls with 1st, Alison Heine at 100; 2nd, Lindsey Robinet 101; 3rd, Ellen Brown 105; 4th, Sarah Hansen 110 and Elly Miller rounding out the JV scoring at 120. Next action for the "V" Town girls golfers will be May 7 at Harrisburg for the Harrisburg Invite, followed by a duel meet with Yankton in Yankton on May 8. The Region Tourney is in Lennox on May 11 and the State Tourney is in Hartford on May 18 and 19. Well, there you have it folks, we have turned the calendar from April to May and as the sun shines on all of us, let's hope it shines a little brighter on the pride of Vermillion Girls High School Golf Team. Until next week….I will see you on the course. Thanks MOJO

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