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Bluffs Bulletin WELL Evening Ladies League Standings June 3, 2009 1. Birdie Bound 22.5 25 90.00% 2. CorTrust Tees 17 25 68.00% 3. Wedgies – Boxers 16.5 25 66.00% 4. F.O.F. 16 25 64.00% 5. Two Putts 15 25 60.00% 6. Lucky Shots 13 25 52.00% 7. Wedgies – Briefs 13 25 52.00% 8. Bluffs Babes 10 25 40.00% 9. Fairway Fliers 10 25 40.00% 10. Now We are F.O.R.E. 8 25 32.00% 11. ShankFord Wives 8 25 32.00% 12. Lopez Sisters 1 25 4.00% Weather warming for WELL ladies The weather is starting to warm for WELL. There was enough of a breeze to keep the gnats away, but jackets still required. Kathy Merrigan-Manning did not seem bothered by the northerly winds.  She had a birdie on #3, longest putt and shared low net of 33 with Jennifer Steele, Darlis LaBahn and Nikki Stammer.  Mary Gauer had low gross of 39.  What a woman.  It was nice to see so many ladies out on the back nine. The weather has got to start warming up soon.  Hope to see you all out there next week. Seniors play from white and red tees On June 2, the seniors were divided into two groups. The 80-year-old players used the red tees while those of a younger age shot from the white tees. We honored the late Howard Connors by using his favorite format. The best score from the white tees was a 37 by the team of Max Andersen, Rex Huska and Bob Lund. Taking second at 39 was the team of Harlan Schott, Ken Beringer and Dick Kellogg. Beringer had a "hot" putter as he made a 54-foot birdie on #2 and then another birdie of 20 feet on #8. Claiming third place with a 40 was the team of Ross King, Pat Boyle and Jim Reed. King broke the tie with another group by making a 21-foot birdie on #8. In the red tee division the winners were Alan Clem, Maurice Erickson and Mo Marcotte by shooting a 37. Clem thrilled his teammates with a 75-foot birdie putt on #2. That has to be the longest putt made in the past couple of years. The second place team from the red tees was the team of Ray Lynn, Elmer Mount and Lloyd Helseth at 40. In the two against two flight the victorious pair was the team of Turk Pilker and Guy Button. Wednesday Morning Ladies Golf We had a wonderful day to golf and meet for luncheon on June 3. There were 36 ladies at the luncheon …WOW!  The most ever!! It was fantastic seeing so many of you ladies with us. The desserts were great as usual … served by Barb Boone and Agnes Moeckler. Great choices ladies! Our $5 drawing was won by Anita White. The quarters: Pat Berglund, Marlys Jensen, Ann Stewart, Fritz Lefler, Karine Amundson, Pat Steckelberg, Eileen Turner, Irma Burbach and Mary Lea Hennies. Our reports for activities: Bridge report: There were three tables and one slam was bid and made. Elle Davis had high and Marlys Jensen was second high. Dominoes report: We had three tables.  Round one was played with 91 dominoes and the closest to 91 were: Karine Amundson, Brenda Chatum and Karon Benson.  Round two was for closest to 50 and won by Rula Hatch, Fritz Lefler and Karine Amundson.  Round three was for 13  hands and winners: Beth Silvano, Fritz Lefler and Karine Amundson. Karine  and Fritz – lucky ladies.  Karine was low for the day and Mary Bartles was high for the day. Special thanks to Janet Hof for thinking up the rules for each round.  It gave the ladies a challenge. Today we had pitch with four tables … that was great!  Sally Gilbertson and Agnes Moeckler each won two and Rose Mart and Linda Sorenson each won one. The ladies all complained there were no GOOD cards so no good bids. But I bet they all had FUN!! Golfers report: The game we played today was "Roll The Dice." There were 11 golfers and the weather was great for golfing.  Darlene Engbrecht had total (after dice roll was deducted from actual score end of each hole) 20, Barb Boone had 23 and Karon Benson had 25.  Great going ladies.  Hope everyone had better luck at the dice roll than I did. See from our reports above … we have fun at our Wednesday morning outing.  There is something for everyone.  Some are active in more than one activity or you can just play one. Luncheon is always great! Come join us!   Pat Steckelberg Reporter

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