Merry Gift Givers make donation to ANCOR

Merry Gift Givers make donation to ANCOR By Christine Hinkel
and Shannon Buum The Merry Gift Givers of Vermillion recently accepted donations from members and other employees of SESDAC, Inc. to assist in disaster relief.  The donations will be sent to ANCOR Foundation to assist residents of North Dakota in clean-up and rebuilding, after major flooding.  The Merry Gift Givers is a group of individuals that meet weekly to discuss issues in the community and their country.  The focus of the group is to find ways of contributing to their community and helping others.  The group decided that they would like to make a donation to ANCOR Foundation in order to help others affected by the floods in North Dakota.  When asked what they would like people to know about the Merry Gift Givers, people had a lot to say.  One person felt it was important that people knew that they cared about other people and wanted to do what they could to help them.  They all agreed that they had a lot of fun helping others and doing something for someone else is empowering.  Other projects the Merry Gift Givers have organized include, honoring our veterans on Memorial Day, May Day baskets to the Care Center, Projects at the Center for Children and Families and adopting a Soldier. If you would like to assist or learn more about this project, please visit

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