New license plate mailing, <br />reassignment fees start July 1

New license plate mailing,
reassignment fees start July 1 South Dakota motor vehicle owners who have their license plates and/or plate decals mailed to them will now be paying more for the service. Effective July 1, the fee to mail a registration decal will go from $.50 to $1.00 while the charge for mailing motor vehicle license plates will increase from $3 to $5. The change marks the first increase to the decal mailing fee since 1961. Department of Revenue & Regulation, Division of Motor Vehicles Director Deb Hillmer says the fee increase, which was approved by the 2009 South Dakota Legislature, is in response to the continual rising mailing costs. "As the cost of postage continues to increase, the current fees barely cover the cost of mailing the decals and license plates, and don't leave much money to be used towards the cost of the envelopes or handling," Hillmer said. "This fee increase will help to cover those additional costs." The increased fees will be charged to anyone who requests the delivery of their license plates and plate decals by regular mail. If the applicant requests that the plates or decals be sent by express mail, they will be required to pay the actual cost of postage and handling. The same law that promoted the fee increases also included a provision which allows for a $5 fee for the reassignment of a license plate. Hillmer says with the 2008 implementation of the new plate with owner system, county treasurers' offices are spending additional time handling the transfer of license plates from one vehicle to another. Each time the plates are reassigned, a new registration must be created in the system. According to Hillmer, the $5 fee will be retained by the counties. For more information on motor vehicle license plates, contact the South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles at 605.773.3541 or visit their Web site at

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