Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk By Cleo Erickson 1918 The sale of Liberty Bonds will begin next Monday.  Be prepared to go "Over the Top": for full quota of $539,000. We are in hopes that the city council will get the new flusher in out of the wet.  It does not look like good business to invest $1700. in good machinery and then leave it exposed to the elements. From the "Dalesburg Siftings":  The excavation for the Baptist Church is now completed and work has commenced on the foundation.  The Liberty Loan Drive was a grand success in Dalesburg. Check out the Paige car made in Detroit, Michigan.  For a firsthand look check out Anderson-Crawford Auto Company. The Elmwood Band of Norway Township has been secured and the musicians will be on hand early for Decoration Day.  It will lead the parade and the concert will be given about the noon hour. The Meckling Home Guards have made arrangements for a big dance on Saturday evening at the large bowery that was just completed.  Dances plan to be held every Saturday night during the summer months. New passenger train rates went into effect all over the country last Monday. It will cost three cents a mile on Uncle Sam's railroads.  If you ride Pullman add an extra cent per mile.  It will now be more than $6.00 if you ride first class. Lend Uncle Sam $4.17 today.  Five years from now he'll pay you $5.00.  You can order War Savings Stamps and Thrift Stamps by mail from your nearest post office.  Place your order at once.  Who Saves, Serves! Many auto drivers are becoming careless about the traffic ordinances, and one of these fine days you might be arrested.  Of course the Paved Streets are an incentive to "speed up".  If you get arrested for disobeying the law, take your medicine and smile. All young girls who have any spare time and an earnest desire to do something to help win the war may do so by becoming canning volunteers.  The Canning Kitchen needs help with caring for and preserving the garden products.  An appeal goes out to our high school girls, knowing that many of them have time and would gladly be of service to their country. The law compels father or mother to report name of child to the Clerk of Courts within 60 days after its birth.  Failure to do so makes a parent subject to a heavy fine. 1918 4th of July Celebration will be held three miles west of Vermillion on the north side of the Timber Road.  Program starts at 10:00 AM sharp.  Music by the Elmwood Band Col. J. L. Jolley will be the Speaker Program of Sports begins at 1:30 PM Foot Races for boys and girls Three legged races Fat Man's Race Relay Race Four men to the team race—600 yards Cash prizes for all races Blue Rock Shoot all day long Horseshoe Pitching Contest-Distance to pitch 33 feet First prize $2.00—second prize $1.00 Vermillion vs. Meckling Home Guards baseball game at 4:00 PM Baseball throwing contest—Purse, $1.00 and .50 cents Bowery Dance tickets- $1.00 Under the new order of things residents of cities and towns can only buy two pounds of sugar at a time for domestic purposes, while those in rural districts are entitled to five pounds.  For canning purposes you are allowed fifty pounds for the season.  This order became effective June 17.  Why not shut off the manufacture of candy for the period of the war? Relatives of soldiers named in casualty lists from France are notified within 24 hours after the lists are received. Shout the glad tidings to man, woman and child.  Vermillion is to have a circus next month. A good sale of War Savings Stamps is reported from the University in the last drive.  The total sale amounted to $644.08. Hiram South is remodeling his confectionery store and lunch room near the depot, and when completed it will be much more convenient all around.  A new foundation has been laid, an addition of two rooms to the west will be made, and the old structure is being generally overhauled. Mr. South expects to carry a larger grocery stock in future, as well as confections, soft drinks, etc.

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