Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk By Cleo Erickson 1918 Scott and Vaughn have purchased the meat market business from George Kempker. W. L. Ballard informs us that he will not be in charge of the poor farm next year, but will take charge of his mother's farm. A large service flag has been placed in the court house, containing 144 stars which represents the number of soldier boys who have gone from Clay County.  Mrs. C. E. Prentis was the donor. H. E. Chaney who has been visiting his brother M. J. Chaney, left yesterday for Sioux Falls.  From there he will go to points in Iowa, and then to his home at Missoula, MT. If you want to be in fashion, get small-pox; it's all over the country. Out of thirty-five professors at USD, fourteen hold PhD Degrees and most of the others hold advanced degrees.  A report shows that out of the thirty five, twenty have taught more than ten years and eight more than twenty years. The Elmwood Band will give a concert and basket social at the school District 21.  The concert will be given before the baskets are auctioned off. The Baptist's Banquet will celebrate the 50th year of the organization of the First Baptist Church in Vermillion. We notice that our worthy blacksmith, Mr. Winthers, is enjoying a good trade.  He is thinking of enlarging his business.  Watch Dalesburg grow. Beginning March 4 the barber shops will open later in the morning and close earlier in the evening.  The proprietors of the four shops, C. H. Johnson, W. J. Simons, C. A. Olson and M. E. West have concluded to open for business at 7:30 AM and close at 7:00 PM in the evening.  On Saturdays the shops will be open until 11:00 o'clock PM.  This is a good move as there isn't any reason why a barber should work any longer hours than anyone else and the patrons will soon become accustomed to the change in hours. NOTICE: On and after April 1, 1918, according to orders received from the National and State Banking Departments, all the banks in the city of Vermillion are required to open their doors at 9:00 AM and close at 4:00 PM every day except Sundays and Legal Holidays.  Further notice states that banks positively must not grant overdrafts in any form whatever, to any person, firm or corporation and the departments are going to enforce the law both in regard to opening and closing the doors each day and with reference to overdrafts.  It is a penitentiary offense and punishable by fine and imprisonment to grant overdrafts, and the law must be obeyed. Help us to obey the banking laws by not overdrawing your bank account, on and after April 1, 1918.  Signed:  First National Bank, Vermillion National Bank and Citizens Bank and Trust Co. The Halverson Pharmacy has just installed a fine up-to-date automatic scale for the benefit of friends and patrons who desire to learn their correct weight, and from time to time keep tab on any increase or decrease in avoirdupois.  It came from the Toledo Scale Co., and is one of the finest and most accurate in the state of South Dakota.  The next time you want to know your weight, right down to the ounce, just call at the pharmacy.  There are no charges for this service.  Get weighed as often as you please.  You will also be given a little booklet which shows a table of standard weights arranged according to height and age, and directions as to how to increase or decrease your weight.  Blank pages are also shown for the purpose of keeping a daily or weekly record of gains or losses. The voters of Vermillion will decide whether or not they are willing to issue bonds to the extent of $20,000.00 for a new building to house the machinery and equipment of the electric light plant, and to furnish such other. NO NEW DEPOT THIS YEAR:  Attorney J. E. Payne is in receipt of a letter from P. W. Dougherty of the S.D.R.R. Commission, in which he says that the Milwaukee company has asked that construction work be postponed for a period of one year.  The Milwaukee Company has expressed a willingness to go ahead but during the past few weeks has evidently decided to give up the enterprise, in line with the demands of Uncle Sam. Westreville once more supports a general merchandise store.  Ervin Bergh has put in a nice stock of goods.  The people around Westreville are sure glad to have him with them and promise good patronage. Some Undesirables Are Coming To Vermillion:  We have been informed on good authority that a large number are planning on making their home in Vermillion for the summer.  As citizens we want our home town a clean and safe place for our families.  It is hard for us to sense the danger of the coming of the fly.  The fly need not be tolerated.  Our city fathers realize that and have made provisions for the removal of conditions that foster the breeding of flies.  Kill the "winter-over fly" which beginning April 15 is capable of being the ancestor sometimes removed of 5,598,720,000,000 adult flies by September 10.

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