Wednesday morning<br />ladies have fun time

Wednesday morning
ladies have fun time There were 26 ladies at the Wednesday Morning Ladies Golf luncheon on June 10. We had a wonderful meal and the desserts were delicious. Desserts were provided by Eileen Turner and Karin Amundson. Our $5 drawing was won by Vaneta Youngworth and the quarters were won by Janet Hof, Anita White, June Wagner, Karin Amundson, Lorraine Brunick, Pat Steckelberg and Carol Bye. There were eight golfers and the game was "Poker." Mary Lea Hennies won with a full house and we had two that tied with two pair each – Edith Nelson and Fritz Lefler. There were two tables of bridge – high, Pat Bergman,  and for second, Rula and Ramona tied. Anna Patric and Rula Hatch bid and made a small slam./ There were also two tables of dominoes. In round one, Beth S. and Babe had high for  #11; in round two, Eileen and Agnes Mockler had low for #6; and in round three, Karine and Anita had high for #2. Mary and Beth had high overall for the day. Barb Boone was the lucky player of the day getting the double blank seven times and never getting caught with it.

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