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Clubs and Organizations Swanson addresses Vermillion Rotary The Vermillion Rotary Club met for its weekly meeting on Tuesday, June 16, in its usual venue, the Freedom Forum on the USD campus. Our meeting was chaired by President Mary Edelen, who led in reciting the Boy Scouts' prayer. Two opening songs were led by Joe Edelen, with Jack Noble providing musical accompaniment on the piano. Announcements focused on Vermillion Rotary preparing to host the annual district meeting of Rotary for this part of the United States during the last weekend of August. Roger Kozak, incoming district governor, is chairman for this event. Paul Haase noted that Phil Jackson, coach of the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers, had played a number of games in our meeting room when it was the gymnasium part of the "new armory," while Mr. Jackson attended North Dakota State during the 1960s. Our program was presented by Dr. Dave Swanson, chairman of the Biology Department of USD, where he has been teaching for the past 19 years. Dr. Swanson's particular area of interest in biology is in birds, and especially in songbirds. During the past school year, Dr. Swanson and his family spent a semester in Chile, where he not only taught at the Catholic University of Santiago, but also sought to find evidence for a theory that the more complex genus of songbirds are able to adapt to colder weather conditions by increasing their metabolism rate more than birds that have less complex songs and lifestyles. About 60 percent of all birds are songbirds. Chile presents a good opportunity to study this question of increasing metabolic rates because it is a temperate country where such increasing rates might be useful for a species to succeed. In tropical countries, increase in metabolic rates would not be needed, since the climate is warm year round. Chile is also a good study location for this kind of research because it was isolated from North America for many thousands of years before the land bridge (Central America) appeared. Dr. Swanson found good evidence for the theory of increasing metabolic rates as a measure to cold weather adaptation, since a large majority of songbirds in Chile are of the less complex song and lifestyle type, while in South Dakota the opposite is true. Here the vast majority of songbirds are of the more complex song producing type. Dr. Swanson also spoke about the great time he and his family had exploring a new country and enjoying its very friendly people. Chile is a unique nation that is 2,750 miles long and only 106 miles wide, reaching from 17 degrees south of the Equator to 57 degrees, only 840 miles north of the Antarctic circle. Its east border is at the top of the Andes Mountains, which are very high, while its west border is the South Atlantic Ocean, which it often meets in steep cliffs, although there are many beaches too. It has a vast variety of climates and is home to large farming, and fruit-raising agriculture, providing a good deal of produce shipped to the United States during our winter months (December and January being summer in Chile). Chile is also a seismically active nation with earthquakes being fairly common. It has some 760 volcanoes, many of which are active. Our meeting was closed by the usual singing of the first stanza of My Country 'tis of Thee. Jolly J.J.s have busy April Jolly J.J. club members were very busy in April. They started the month off setting up a game booth, providing the prizes and running it at the PTA Carnival on Friday, April 3, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Then on Saturday, April 4 a club sewing/crafting day occurred. Club members under Virginia Delvaux and Bev Kennedy's supervision sewed a three-corner apron. They all turned out so nice. Club members also started crafting a message center and made birdseed biscuits. On Sunday, April 5, club members gathered at the Vermillion Food Pantry to help them celebrate their 25th anniversary. Club members helped to direct traffic, greet people, serve coffee, clean up and more. Club members met at the Extension building for their monthly meeting on Saturday, April 19. Brittany Hanson, club president, led the meeting. Ellen Hanson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Ashley Sorensen led the 4-H pledge. Ashley Sorensen read the secretary report. Pam Hanson gave an updated treasurer report. Upcoming events were mentioned with dates, deadline registration dates, etc. A reminder about the May club meeting was given. Brittany Hanson gave a demonstration on "How to Saddle a Horse." Ashley Sorensen presented a judging school on "Grass Stain Removal." Everyone learned something from this judging school. Club members picked up trash around the Extension building and fairground buildings and arena prior to the club meeting. Brittany Hanson provided treats. A good time was had by all. On Wednesday, April 22, several club members went to Vermillion Assisted Living and Town Square Apartments and hung birdseed biscuits on the trees at both locations. This was an Earth Day 4-H club activity. Anyone interested in joining a 4-H club can contact the Extension office at 677-7111 to get more information. Reporters: Jolly J.J. club members

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