Life will be Sweet on Cherry Street

Life will be Sweet on Cherry Street Construction Update Work this week: • Grading, gravel base course – east bound ramp Highway 50 bypass. • Sealing pavement joints. • Sewer/water Highway 19 to west end. • Grading/gravel Highway 19 to west end. Planned for next week: • Concrete paving east bound Highway 50 bypass. • Gravel shoulder preparation for asphalt Highway 19 to east pavement limits. • Dirt/gravel Highway 19 to west end of south half. • Shoulder asphalt preparation on new concrete. • Traffic signals – Princeton Street intersection. Miscellaneous: • Public project meetings are now bi-weekly. The next public and contractor meetings are Wednesday,  Aug. 5 and 19 and will be held at 10 a.m. at the Vermillion Hy-Vee café. • Speed limit is 20 mph and no parking through the temporary detour. Speeding and parking violations will continue to be issued during the construction season by the Vermillion Police Department. Cars parked in no parking areas will be towed. • East bound ramp on the Highway 50 bypass closed, traffic detoured on Crawford Road to Cherry Street. • Four-way stop at Crawford Road and Cherry Street will be enforced by the Vermillion Police Department. • DO NOT add, remove or relocate barrels, barricades, signs, temporary business signs, etc. on the construction sight. If concerns arise, please contact D&G Concrete Construction or the DOT for evaluation. • Upgrades on construction progress and changes will be available on our Web site

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