Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Dakota Republican By Cleo Erickson 1923 Dr. Stansbury announced the completion of his new hospital. Visitors are welcome any afternoon. The hospital is located one block north of Citizens Bank. The first floor has two offices and examination rooms, general waiting room, and the living quarters of Dr. Stansbury and his family. The operating room and a number of patient's rooms are on the second floor and nurses' quarters are on the third floor. Mrs. Stansbury, who is a trained nurse, is general superintendent of the hospital and at present has four assistant nurses.  There is room for eighteen patients. The building now contains 22 rooms, exclusive of the basement. Dr. Stansbury has practiced in Vermillion the past ten years and has equipped his present quarters with a view of remaining here permanently and taking his part in the care of patients of the city. BOOTLEGGER CAUGHT AFTER TWO MILE CHASE  — Captured on a Tip from Elk Point Sheriff.  He carried a gun and booze.  Deputy Sheriffs Hammond and Wheeler had an exciting chase Saturday afternoon which netted them one bootlegger, in good condition, one new Ford coupe, stolen or "borrowed," several gallons of White Mule and a 20-25 Winchester loaded with soft nosed bullets. A tip from Sheriff Sherman at Elk Point said that a bad actor, a heavy set man, driving a new Ford coupe with Iowa license was headed this way.  The officers drove out along the Sioux City road to meet the suspect. Two miles east of town they saw the car approaching. They got out into the road, showed their stars and waved for the man to stop.  There was a boy riding with the man who called the drivers attention to the officers, but he stepped on the gas and came on into town. Deputy Hammond fired into the air as he passed and Wheeler took a shot at his tires and missed.  The driver stopped at the Sheriff's office and gave his name as McConnell, and said he was working on the new school at Wakonda. He said he thought the men who tried to stop him were trying to hold him up, and denied having any liquor in his possession so he was permitted to go on his way. In the meantime the officers spotted another car approaching and again took the center of the road and waved him to stop. He also stepped on the gas and passed them on the run.  They followed him into town where he drove into the runway at the Thompson elevator, abandoned his car and started to run. He was easily apprehended. Examination of the car showed a large quantity of liquor of the White Mule variety. There were several gallon bottles, and numerous pint bottles, some of which were broken. There was also a 20-25 Winchester rifle loaded with soft-nosed bullets. The man gave his name and said he was on his way to Wakonda. He claimed he borrowed the car for the trip.  Upon investigation the Sioux City police disclosed the car belonged to a man who lives on the Military Road and said his car had been stolen. The man put up a cash bond for his appearance on Monday, but as he did not appear the bond was declared forfeited. JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE AT STINSON'S CLOTHING COMPANY Boy's Knickers Suite, $7.00, $9.00 and $12.00. Army Shirts — all wool serge– $2.50 while they last. 300 pair's men's dress shoes — $4.00 and $5.00. 10 dozen dress shirts, neck band and collar attached — $1.35. Men's Suits — $18.00, $23.00, $28.00, $33.00, and $38.00. Hirschfield's Burbank Store was broken into Saturday night and several hundred dollars worth of coffee, tobacco, overshoes, and groceries were taken.  The elevator was also robbed of gas the same night. Wire reports were received from Pierre that the report of the Budget Board of the Legislature will recommend $500,000 for new buildings at the University. The University stands in the greatest immediate need are an Armory and an Administration building. Vermillion boosters are feeling good over the outcome and will await with keenest interest further details of the Budget Board and further action of the Legislature. MEISENHOLDER'S GROCERY DEPARTMENT: Shelled popcorn – 4 cents per pound # 1 Lamp Chimneys—3 for 25 cents Shelled Walnuts—85 cents per pound Post Toastie's—2 packages 25 cents Bird Seed per package—13 cents Calumet Baking Powder—10 pound can $2.69 Monarch Catsup—large bottle 19 cents Soap Flakes—12  5 oz pkg..  63 cents Farm House Pepper—1 pound 21 cents Spensley's Grocery Store will have a special on their homemade doughnuts for 15 cents each. A joint committee of the commercial Club and the civic Council has specific plans for a campaign to beautify Vermillion during the coming year.  Everyone is urged to clean up their places and keep them in apple pie order especially the grounds around their residences from curb to alley.  There will be prizes given by Gurney Seed and Nursery for $25.00 in merchandise.  The Civic Council will present $15.00 in shrubs, trees or grass seed.

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