Sesquicentennial Highlights

Sesquicentennial Highlights Excerpts from the Plain Talk 1921 A petition is in circulation asking the city council to vote a mill levy for the purpose of musical concerts, etc., during the summer and fall. More definite announcements will be made later.  It would be nice to see a strong band here both before and after the University closes, if it is possible to organize one. Lawrence Kavanaugh opened his new pool parlors under the Central Service Store and is enjoying a nice business. The post office at Burbank has been moved to the Manning & O'Connor store, and Miss Agnes Malloy will be in charge as postmistress.  She succeeds Mrs. L. D. Vincent who turned in her resignation several months ago.  See "Snow White" Saturday afternoon at the city theatre at 3 o'clock. Gasoline and kerosene prices took a decided drop on the local market. Gasoline is being retailed at 24 cents per gallon and kerosene at 15 cents per gallon. The reduction will certainly be appreciated by all fellows who "burn 'em up. A large barn has just been completed on Joe Couture's' farm northeast of town. To celebrate everybody is invited to come and enjoy a "Barn" dance. STILL HUNT FOR A "STILL":  Officers Round Up the "Mash" and the "Mashers" But Fail to Find the Machine That Does the Work. Sheriff George Kempker and Deputies Frank Beckett and Alfred Anderson took a trip down along the Missouri river southwest of the city the first of the week. The information had come to the officers that a big still was in operation, or would be soon, and they proceeded to get busy at once. Arriving at a point near the ferry boat, they proceeded down the river until they came to a tent that had been pitched for purposes unknown at the time. An investigation showed evidences of booze manufacture. There was plenty of equipment. Finally a dugout was located, and there were found six barrels of "mash." This was apparently all ready for the distillery. There were about 300 gallons of the unfinished product and the indications were that the owners were just about ready to get busy. Two men were taken in charge that day and brought to Vermillion. They were placed in the county jail for a short time. At their hearing before Judge Tilton they pleaded guilty to the charge of attempted manufacture of booze. On Wednesday morning Judge Tilton administered fines of $150.00 each against them, and also decreed that one of them should serve 60 days in the county jail and the other man thirty days.  And under the recent ruling of the Supreme Court it is impossible for the trial judge to suspend the jail sentence. The two gentlemen will be obliged to serve time, even though the court might have been disposed to suspend the jail sentence. In the meantime, however, another fellow was implicated in the deal, and he was arrested on Tuesday. He pleaded not guilty and was bound over to the county court in bonds of $250.00 each on two charges, one for aiding and abetting in the manufacture of booze, and the other for treating his friends with a beverage that contained alcohol contrary to the law. According to the testimony before Judge Tilton, one man is about fifty years of age. His partner is his stepson. They later visited the third party and found he had a still. The two men went home and returned the next day with 100 pounds of raisins, 150 pounds of prunes and a case of syrup. Later they took it to the place known as the manufacturing headquarters. With the fruit and other stuff all ready at the "jungle" they started things going. They were ready to go into business and that would have come later if the officers had not stepped in. THINGS TO BE DONE IN JUNE: Vaccinate the spring pigs to prevent hog cholera Swat House Flies Watch the Weeds — don't let them take your garden Poison the Grasshoppers Get rid of the Rooster — infertile eggs keep best Look after the Machinery — grind the sickles, tighten bolts and oil the bearings Examine the Binder to see if new parts need be ordered Smear the disk with hard oil or axel grease.  Also do the same with plow shares. The Standard Oil Company has commenced the erection of their new filling station at the corner of Main and Austin Avenue… Thieves are stealing gasoline from local residents. They also steal tires and tubes but one young fellow has been apprehended. From his story, he says there are a number of others in like financial circumstances. Vermillion can now boast one of the finest camping grounds for tourists to be seen in this part of the country. The entire northeast section of Austin Park has been set apart for this purpose. A fine new comfort station has been erected, provided with all sanitary conveniences. Water and sewer systems have been installed and a concrete oven and fireplace is ready for tourists to prepare their own meals on the spot. The BIG 4th of July celebration at Vermillion begins with a big military parade at 9:30 AM followed by a ball game between Burbank and Garryowen. The afternoon brings water fights, races, and a band concert. Fireworks will begin shortly after dark. Ross & Stevens have taken over the Central Service Store.  Citizens who have invested $16.50 for a membership will hereafter do business with Chas. Ross & Rex Stevens.  Under the new management the store will be known as The Cash Grocery. The ferry boat is not operating due to legal complications, but will be started up soon. Indication's are that a thousand students will be at the University this fall.

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