Vermillion young athletes <br />shine at Hershey state track meet

Vermillion young athletes
shine at Hershey state track meet Logan Peterson produced two personal best times to come away as Vermillion's star performer at the state annual Hershey track and field meet held in Aberdeen, June 27. Peterson's personal best efforts came in the boys' 9-10 200m and 400m. In the boys' 9-10 400m, Peterson, who got off to a very good start, had things under control by the 200m mark. He opened the lead and by the time he entered the home stretch he was unstoppable. Peterson's time of 1:12 gave him an easy victory and qualified him for the national championships in Pennsylvania later this month. His time in the 400m was not only the best for the state, Peterson also clocked the top 400m time in Region 5, which is made up of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Peterson's teammate, Rylan Pratt, was 10th with a time of 1:21. In the 200m, Peterson, who had a competitive first half battle with rivals, raced to victory in a personal best 32:67. His teammates, Gabe DeJong was eighth in 35:27, and Riley Peters was 15th in 38:43. Regain Bye was second in the softball throw boys' 11-12 with a throw of 186-00.00, while Brett Bye took fifth in the boys' softball throw in the 13-14 section with a throw of 189-11.00. Peters was second in the standing long jump with a leap of 6-05.25, while his teammates, Peterson finished sixth with a leap of 6-03.25 and Joshua Prescott was 11th with 6-01.75. In the girls' 9-10 50m dash, Ava Magee (8.4) was eliminated at the semi-finals stage. Magee started in the 100m, but did not qualify for the semi-finals. Magee's teammate, Taylor Weber, ran a 16.91 to qualify for the 9-10 100m semi-finals. In the boys' 9-10 50m dash, Bradyn Rusher was eliminated at the semi-final stage as his 8.5 seconds was not good enough to take him to the final. In the 100m for the same age group, Zarek Jarvis and Joshua Prescott both made it to the semi-finals, with the latter going on to finish eighth in the final with a time of 15.76. In the 400m for girls' 9-10 400m, Jaida Anderson ran 1:28.9 for 17th in this time-final event. In the girls' softball throw for athletes 9-10, Anderson threw 81-03-00. Rusher and DeJong had marks of 119-06.00 and 114-04.00 respectively in the boys' 9-10 softball. In the sprint relay, Vermillion boys' 9-10 quartet of DeJong, Peters, Prescott and Pratt posted 1:05.7 for third. In the girls' 11-12 100m dash, Peyton Stolle and Ashsley Schulz were Vermillion representatives, but only the former made it to the final and ran 14.67 for seventh. In the boys' 100m event for 11-12 athletes, Brandon Mockler ran 14.55 to qualify for the semi-finals, his teammate, Joseph Kirkebak was eliminated in the heats with 15.17. In the girls' 11-12 200m, Stolle (30.84) was sixth. Her teammates Regain Bye (31.68), Mockler (32.59) and Matthew Ouellette (33.55) were the representatives in the boys' section. Other Vermillion athletes at the meet were Katie Kost (1.23) in the girls' 400m dash 11-12, Regain Bye (1.11) and Mateo Piper (1.133) in the boys' 400m dash 11-12; Jacob Ford (3.06) and Piper  (3.08) in the boys' 11-12 800m; Stolle (6-05.75) and Emme Schmidt (6:04.50) in the girls' 11-12 standing long jump; Ezekiel Robinson (6-00.00) in the boys' 11-12 standing long jump; Mockler (141-11.00) and Ouellette (128-10.00) in the 11-12 boys' softball throw; Nathan Ford (2:49.1) in the boys' 13-14 800m; Seth Weiland (30.81) in the boys' 13-14 200m and Sydney Peters (15.44) in the girls' 13-14 100m.

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